The Jaye Niemi Philosophy: Scents of Elegance

At Jaye Niemi Australia, we’ve been helping discerning souls to cosy up their sanctuaries and feather their nests with our luxury scents of elegance since 2004.

Every one of our home fragrance products is crafted from a custom blend of fine perfume (for complexity) and nature’s essential oils (for subtlety and a hint of unpredictability).

Gentle enough to suit more sensitive noses and delicate enough to leave a little to your imagination.  Because elegance suspends time and invites some mystery.  Because elegance doesn’t overpower you when you walk into a room.  And because elegance is never stuffy.

You can count on us to give you luxurious ingredients and vessels, 100% botanical waxes and cotton wicks from sustainable sources, and classically beautiful packaging.  And perhaps most importantly of all, every one of our Aroma Reeds, Scented Candles, Room Mists and Aromatic Oils is hand-poured right here in Australia.

In one breath, fragrance can transport you to a gorgeous place.  Whether creating a sense of belonging, bringing back memories or becoming a sensory backdrop for new ones, our Shop Jaye Niemi home perfumes give you the breathing space to choose your fragrance and write your own story. Start writing yours here...