Champagne Cocktail - Christmas Candle Pairings December 04 2014

We can't help but think of beautiful partnerships for our luxury interior fragrances ~ whether matching with fashionable outfits and accessories, interiors or personalities.

It's a time of heightened celebrations and champagne is a frequent guest thanks to its bubbly and effervescent nature. So I've come up with some champagne cocktails to team with our limited edition Christmas Scented Candles .  And these will play perfectly beautifully with sparkling wine, too.  We have some beautiful bubblies made in Australia so we don't need to reserve our tastes for French imports.  And if you're having fun with something higher on cheer than price, turning it into a cocktail can be an excellent diversionary tactic. {Please drink responsibly, but enjoy lighting your Jaye Niemi Scented Candles most liberally.}

Remember to keep things simple so you can relax and enjoy your company.  If you don't have an elegant drinks tub on hand to keep your champagne on ice, pick up some white muslin or cotton voile that's at least twice the height of any large plastic tubs or large buckets you can find, wrap it around the outside a couple of times, cut and tuck the excess inside the bucket. Wind some gold or silver ribbon around the tub and tie a bow or large jaunty knot. Half-fill with your party ice, nestle in your bottles of bubbly and top up with more ice.


::: Chestnut Fizz

30 ml chestnut syrup*

Pour the chestnut syrup into the champagne flute, top up with champagne.

*Chestnut Syrup: Oven roast 15 chestnuts on a baking tray for 30 minutes at 175C (less for fan-forced).  Slit the pointed end of each nut with an X first. Allow to cool then peel off shells and skins. Chop chestnuts coarsely, place in a saucepan with 2 cups water and 1 cup sugar. Bring to boil, stir, and allow to simmer for 30 minutes. Strain into final storage container, adding 1 oz vodka as a preservative. Store in fridge. Tasty for all kinds of things.

Snowflake Cherry + Pine ::: Jaye's French 75

1 tablespoon lemon juice
30mL gin
1 teaspoon superfine sugar
1 maraschino cherry
sprig of peppermint

Pour the lemon juice, vodka/brandy, and sugar into a cocktail shaker with ice cubes.  Shake well, strain into a champagne flute, add the maraschino cherry and mint sprig, pour the champagne over the top.

Spiced Fruits + Toffee ::: Amber Sweetheart

brown sugar cube
vanilla essence
30 ml tokay or muscat

Put a drop of vanilla essence on the sugar cube and place in the champagne glass. Add the tokay or muscat, top up with champagne.

Sweet Orange + Gingerbread :::  Ginger Royale

30mL Stones Green Ginger wine or ginger liqueur
30mL Cointreau

Pour the ginger wine/liqueur and Cointreau into the champagne flute, top up with champagne.


Put on your favourite cocktail music playlist, light your Jaye Niemi Christmas Candles half an hour before the guests arrive to set the mood and enjoy ...

To simple yet beautiful pleasures ... X

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Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh: the Fragrance Trail November 28 2014

Growing up, many of us heard the story of the three wise men carrying gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh to newborn Jesus in his manger.  Gold, I understood. But to my young ears, it sounded like he was shortchanged with the frankincense and myrrh, of which I had no clue.  I didn't even know what they were, let alone their value.  Clearly, though, the magi knew what they were doing ~ and when I started learning about essential oils and perfume, I finally understood how wise they truly were.

The raw materials from which essential oils of frankincense and myrrh are distilled are not leaves, twigs or bark, but aromatic gun resins harvested from the trees.  Myrrh comes from Somalia and Yemen, and frankincense is harvested {with some peril} from trees in adjacent Oman on the Arabian Peninsula.  While not far by plane from the glitteringly opulent consumerist highs of Dubai, the glitzy glam has so far only had limited reach in Oman with its designer label-clad arm. {It's only a question of time.}

Incense burners send smoky white drifts of frankincense scent into the air throughout the city, from markets to hotels to homes.  Considered to 'heal everything from gout to a broken head' in ancient times, and given its relative difficulty of sourcing and limited supply, no wonder it is considered a precious commodity.  The resin's crystalline appearance is like an exotic kind of rock sugar, which you can eat by the way. Symbolic of spirituality, along with its history as a traditional remedy, frankincense is being studied for its effects on cancer and inflammatory ails.  Myrrh is known for other properties, from anointing to embalming ceremonies to curing upset tummies.

These Jaye Niemi interior fragrances will imbue your Christmas scenting around the home with the symbolism of these notes:

Essential oil of frankincense

Essential oil of myrrh

And wouldn't gold-ribboned packaging would be a lovely touch when choosing these as gifts ... and perhaps even a star.

To simple yet beautiful pleasures ... X

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Home Fragrance Gifting for Personality Types November 21 2014

When it comes to Christmas gifts for those with discerning taste, luxurious interior fragrances like those hand-poured here at Jaye Niemi Australia are as popular as ever.

But unless you're buying for someone whose favourite fragrance you already know, it can be perplexing.

You can be extremely practical and ask them outright. If your friend is black and white in likes and dislikes, frankly that's the best way to go.  {My loved ones tell me I'm difficult to buy for, as I have all the gorgeously glam Scented Candles, Aroma Reeds, Room Mists and Aromatic Oils I can wish for at my fingertips. "Please throw white flowers, champagne and fountain pen ink," I say in response.}

Another way is to do some detective work and discover their favourite personal perfume .  Look it up online or go to a perfumerie and discover whether it's floral, fresh or oriental-woodsy and its key scent notes ~ then click here and Browse by that scent type for our interior fragrance products that match.  This is an excellent way to increase your chances of finding something they will love.

Personally, though, I love to consider their personality and choose something from that perspective. If you'd like to play along, here is a matching guide for our Jaye Niemi Scented Candles and other fine home scents of elegance.  {Click on the fragrance name for more detailed scent notes.}


These happy souls light up the room and tend to bring out people's fun side.  They aren't necessarily dancing on a table and being an overt 'life of the party', but they are animated, they talk with their hands and also love to go with the flow.  They are often chatterboxes, too.  Our fragrance matches?

  • Living Verbena … fresh, light luscious. A zesty combination of citrus & spice, with essential oils of may chang, verbena, basil, caraway, sweet orange, lime, lemon, eucalyptus
  • Grapefruit + Jojoba … light, crisp, cheerful. A lively blend of fresh tropical notes, with essential oils of mandarin, grapefruit, labdanum, elemi, benzoin


You know that friend who always has home-baked comfort food at the ready and a willing ear?  They are probably somewhat on the quiet or shy side.  They pay attention to detail, are sensitive to the needs of others, and read the instructions before they do anything.  You can always count on them to be there for you.  Fragrance matches?

  • Ginger Lily + Water Fruits … light, green, floral full of lovely notes from a Japanese water garden, with essential oils of lemon, petitgrain, spearmint, galbanum, white grapefruit, birch, lotus leaf, ginger, melon extract
  • Lavender Mt Blanc, Valencia + Clary Sage … soothing, balancing, delicate. A truly restful ambience, with essential oils of lavender Mt Blanc, valencia orange, rose geranium, bergamot, clary sage, frankincense, sandalwood


These are the types who make decisions swiftly and act on them even more swiftly ~ or so it feels.  They can be feisty, determined and passionate about what they love.  If they want that chest of drawers moved and there's no-one to help them, they will find a way to do it themselves ~ even if they end up nursing a pulled muscle or tweaked neck because of it.  Fragrance matches?

  • Tuberose + Sandalwood … deep, sultry, voluptuous. Absolutely intoxicating, with essential oils of sandalwood, ylang ylang, celery seed, vanilla, tuberose absolute
  • Precious Woods + Vetiver … warm, spicy, narcotic. An ethereal experience, with essential oils of cedarwood, sandalwood, basil, vetiver, clove, lavender, geranium, jasmine

Bless the perfectionists of the world.  When you want something done properly, you place it in their hands and breathe a sigh of relief.  They enjoy plenty of privacy and time to themselves and take great pleasure from keeping their surrounds neat and streamlined.  Patient and precise, they usually buy exactly what they want and wait if they need to in order to get it.  These souls are most likely best suited to your ascertaining exactly what they want ~ they don't usually enjoy surprises anyway.  But if you are game, I venture forth just this one.

  • THINK 9 … nine of the most powerful essential oils used to assist concentration, increase alertness, aid creativity and calm stressed nerves: jasmine, lavender, lemon, clary sage, lemongrass, bergamot, peppermint, geranium and rosemary

We'd love to hear your stories if you use our personality matching guide for your gifting, not just for Christmas but all year round.

To simple yet beautiful pleasures ... X

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Image credit via Boxwood Clippings

Introducing Christmas 2014 Jaye Niemi Limited Edition Scented Candles October 29 2014

For the first time in our ten years of creating iconic luxury home fragrance products, we are taking your scent journeys on a sleigh ride.

Firstly, we'll wrap your knees with the softest merino rug and whisk you high over the tops of snow-covered pine trees in the crisp night air while we ply you with treats of candy canes and plump, sweet cherries.

As we near the glowing ski lodge, you close your eyes and inhale. Where is that deliciousness coming from?  It's warm toffee simmering on the stove amid laden trays of spiced festive fruits, their fragrances mingling and escaping from the chimney into the starlit sky and bringing a sense of tradition, home and hearth.

Your sleigh lands and a tuxedo-clad valet takes your hand and gently helps you alight.  Lightly touching your elbow, he ushers you into the cosy surrounds where you're enveloped in the welcoming arms of warm drifts of spiced gingerbread and oranges studded with cloves for comfort and joy.

"Please," says your valet as he looks into your eyes with a twinkling smile and gestures towards the salon basked in the soft flickering light of Jaye Niemi Scented Candles and an open fire, logs crackling. "Put up your beautiful feet and indulge in freshly roasted chestnuts and figgy pudding while I pour you a snifter of brandy..."

Our gorgeous limited edition range of Scented Candles will add a beautiful touch of magic to your celebrations and create an embracing holiday mood.  And they are available now.

Being a boutique interior fragrance company with a smaller, more rarified offering of home scents, our festive season Scented Candles are as special and distinctive as the other fragrances in our range.

They will be lighting up plenty of social occasions as well as bringing simple everyday pleasures, so we chose to turn up their scent wattage versus our Signature and Specialty lines ~ but with the nuance and complexity you know to count on with our bespoke blends of fine perfume and essential oils.  After months of development and testing ~ and many passionate discussions over freshly-roasted coffee beans to refresh our olfactory senses ~ we had a hard time narrowing down our short list of favourites in the end. So we gave up trying.

We're delighted to offer you not one, but four Limited Edition Jaye Niemi Scented Candles. Each one comes with a silver embossed lid to snuff the flame safely and protect the wax as it sets. Each one gives you 50 hours of pure illumination thanks to our gorgeous botanical wax blend infused with essential oil-enhanced perfume.  Strike a match and when your candle flickers into life, its molten warmth will become an indelible part of your festive memories for years to come.

scent notes: tobacco leaf, chestnut, rum, raisin, cognac, oak and fig

scent notes: black cherry, wild blackberries, peppermint, pine and frankincense

scent notes: sweet orange, mandarin, ginger, cardamom and clove

scent notes: brown sugar, muscatel, nutmeg, cinnamon, tolu and orange

Just as we found it too hard to choose, you could have the same challenge ~ so why resist?  We hope you'll love them all.

To simple yet beautiful pleasures ... X

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Tender Loving Hand Care October 15 2014

Hands are front and centre around the world on 15th October 2014 in recognition of .

Did you know diarrheal & acute respiratory infections cause the majority of child deaths in developing countries?

And be it ever so humble, handwashing with soap is one of the most inexpensive and simple ways of preventing these infections and saving the lives of millions of children.  {To learn more, please head on over to the .}

Closer to home where handwashing is the norm, not a luxury, we have a first world problem instead: dry hands from overwashing with harsh hand cleaners and antibacterial washes. Writing this reminds me of one of my favourite quotes: For problems such as this we should pray.

Nonetheless, dry chapped hands can lead to other more significant challenges if severe, and can usually be headed off at the pass with just a small amount of daily prevention.

Start with a gentle hand cleanser

There's plenty of press nowadays on harmful ingredients in cosmetics and personal care products, so if you haven't yet started reading labels, it's a worthwhile exercise.  Our very own Jaye Niemi Argan Oil + Ylang Ylang bath and body range includes gorgeous certified organic ingredients and is free of 'the nasties', with NO animal testing or derivatives, sulfates, parabens, synthetic fragrances or colours, mineral oils, TEA, DEA, PEGs, glycols, silicones.

Our Argan Oil + Ylang Ylang Body Wash can be used as a beautiful soft and gentle hand gel.  It comes in a practical white satiny-finish tube which can be kept standing upright by the side of your sink. Being a lavish blend of proven sustainable botanical ingredients including cold-crushed Argan oil, its high levels of vitamin E and essential fatty acids will help keep your hands softer, even after frequent washing.

Follow up with a hydrating, nurturing hand creme

Our Argan Oil + Ylang Ylang Hand Creme is a permanent resident in my handbag and next to the bathroom sinks.  {Before I go to bed, I like to apply our Body Creme to my heels, elbows and hands so it can go to work while I sleep.}    If you follow our Instagram feed {please do ~ we'd love to keep in touch with you there}, you'll know my regular latte stop always doubles as TLC time for my hands ~ either waiting in line or when settled in a nook somewhere if I'm able to squeeze in a quick breather with a favourite interiors or fashion magazine.  If you haven't yet tried this, I promise it's a really easy habit to get into and in no time at all, soft hands will be your status quo.

And when you're a card-carrying romantic, holding hands is something you always want to be ready for.

To simple yet beautiful pleasures ... X

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Scented Gifting for Libran Loved Ones October 02 2014

Being a romantic soul myself, I can't help feeling a little star sign envy towards Librans.

Ruled by Venus, the planet of love, those born under this sign {24 September to 23 October} are sociable, charming and gracious.  Elegant, tasteful ~ and appreciative of the finer things.

And what inspires them most of all?  They dream of finding their soulmate. Once they find 'the one', a deep sense of contentment and peace settles in, and they can throw themselves more effortlessly into the other aspects of daily life.

If you have a Libran in your life, they will be the diplomats of the home, with their innate sense of balance and ability to see all viewpoints.

If anything, this contributes to their reputation for being indecisive at times.  Not wanting to seem biased, they can want to keep everyone on side in order to keep their approval. They will benefit from looking inwards and relying on their own experiences to make decisions ~ then honour themselves by sticking with them.  Librans are thinkers and love using their mind to find their way through things.

Genuine 'people-people', Librans are natural charmers and wonderful communicators who connect easily with people and network effortlessly because they honestly adore socialising and partying.

Comfortable in the space of art, tranquillity and sharing, a luxurious home fragrance product like the ones we create here at Jaye Niemi Australia will help those born under this sign create ambience and beauty in their surroundings.  Fragrance is a major weakness for Libran women ~ so quite likely men as well.

Male or female, here are my picks for spoiling the Libran in your life:

  • The Seduction of Mark Antony {to help find and woo their soul mate}
  • {a soft, balancing scent with universal appeal and excellent for social gatherings}
  • THINK 9 {to provide the perfumed equivalent of 'thinking music' when they are reflecting on something important to them}

And they will appreciate thoughtful wrapping ~ with these romantic souls, a little extra TLC will always be noticed.

To simple yet beautiful pleasures ... X

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Sweet Smelling Nurseries September 16 2014

The recent news of Prince William and Kate, Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, expecting their second child has understandably inspired much cluckiness and a general vibe of joviality.

Their baby is due in the Spring ~ which seems such a lovely season for newborns, being a time of new growth and beginnings in nature.

The royal couple aren't likely to opt for Vernon {meaning 'spring'} in the case of a boy, given the range of traditional princely names available to them. But if Prince George's sibling is a girl, perhaps there's a chance they will settle on one of the many pretty flower names available, like Daisy, Primrose or Poppy.  And while it's an uncommon bloom, I can't help but wonder if Diantha might be in the mix. Could be a lovely notion.

If you're dressing your own nursery at the moment or know someone who is, we have something beautiful to create a soothing ambience for little ones.

Our J Baby Nursery range is crafted from gentle essential oils traditionally known for calming and quieting: lavender Mt Blanc, rose geranium and precious roman chamomile.  Sweet citrus notes of bergamot, mandarin and orange instil happiness {you can read more about that HERE } and the ancient essential oil of frankincense from an aromatic resin amplifies the positive feelings evoked by this very lovely blend.  Flipping your J Baby Nursery Aroma Reeds when needed will provide a constant, low-maintenance solution.

J Baby is very practical, too, as it helps to banish unwanted odours {no need to elaborate, I'm sure} and the Nursery Mist is an especially handy way to give a burst of freshness whenever needed.  The fragrance also creates a memory imprint and the comforting feelings of the nursery's cocoon can be carried with you by keeping a Nursery Mist in your diaper change bag for a light spritz in the air nearby.

Hand-poured into a frosted glass jar for diffused light, our J Baby Nursery Candle imbues a gorgeous ambience. As with all of our Jaye Niemi Australia Scented Candles, its 100% botanical wax from renewable eco-safe sources burns clean, at a lower temperature and throws the delicate scent beautifully. And as with all candles, the usual safety precautions apply.

Who knows, if you have a baby shower coming up soon, I think we might have just found you the perfect gift to take along.

To simple yet beautiful pleasures ... X

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Capturing Jasmine's Essence September 04 2014

Do you have jasmine in your garden?

I only have a little trailing through mine ~ and I'd love more ~ but even those few random jasmine flowers are enough to have me closing my eyes and feeling overwhelmed with gladness and gratitude for such simple pleasures.

Jasminum officinale is the botanical name of the variety whose fragrance and beneficial aromatic properties are captured in essential oils.  Or rather, jasmine is an essence or absolute, not technically an essential oil, due to the way it is extracted.  The end result is the same: an intoxicating, lavish and precious commodity.

Grown in India and delicately plucked before the sun rises so its fragrance has not yet evaporated, jasmine has the nicknames 'queen of the night' and 'moonlight of the grove' . I say 'delicately plucked' because crushing the petals can compromise the quality of the blossoms.  I have visions of white gloves being used but that might be going too far.  That said, what a charming scene it would make.  It's estimated that more than 3 million fresh blossoms are needed to produce less than 500 grams of pure essence.  Precious, indeed.

To bring the scent of jasmine indoors, simply flip the natural fibre reeds of your Jaye Niemi Jasmine + Ambrette Aroma Reeds , found in our Intense range: enclosed in a smaller glass flacon than our Signature Aroma Reeds to best complement its eau de parfum fragrance strength.

Key scent notes Brazilian grapefruit, hyacinth, jasmine, orchid, ambrette seeds, myrtle bark

Scent inspiration notes Was it the heady scent of jasmine that dispelled all thoughts of sleep? Or the mossy basket of lush grapefruit and hothouse flowers left quietly on the doorstep. The embossed card tucked in its foliage revealed a woody intrigue of myrtle bark and musky ambrette, but no words; only mystery.

When you catch Jasmine + Ambrette drifting on the air currents in your home, close your eyes and write your own story.

And if one jasmine perfume isn't enough for dressing your home, you'll also find its essence in our Aroma Reeds, Scented Candles, Room Mists and Aromatic Oils of Precious Woods + Vetiver . {A spritz of this one also adds a divine touch to your personal stationery.}

To simple yet beautiful pleasures ... X

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Tea vs Tisanes August 21 2014

Speak loosely of herbal tea and connoisseurs will be biting their lower lip to stop themselves from correcting you ~ though if they succumb, they are likely to do so politely and calmly thanks to the serenity bestowed on them by drinking these infusions on a regular basis. {Or so I like to imagine.}

That which we call 'tea' by many other names should be known if we want to be technically correct.  'True teas' such as black, green, white, yellow and oolong are made from the cured leaves of the tea plant Camellia sinensis.

Infusions with no Camellia sinsensis leaves included are commonly called 'herbal teas' but tea artisans defer to the term 'tisanes', which is the French word for 'herbal infusion'. Personally, I don't know why one would want to miss the chance to use such a lovely word, so forever more {at the risk of seeming pretentious}, I shall be calling them tisanes .

On further exploration, one discovers tisanes don't stop at herbs, but include an almost unlimited number of choices including dried flowers and fruits along with herbs.

Some people turn to tisanes as a caffeine-free alternative. If this appeals to you and you haven't yet discovered Rooibos, it's well worth trying. {It's one of my personal favourites, though I opt for the natural vanilla-flavoured option rather than plain.} Known also as 'Red Tea' and 'Red Bush Tea', Rooibos is caffeine-free with a rich mildly-sweet flavour.

Others keep tisanes in the pantry because they want to keep up their intake of water but struggle to consume the usual couple of litres of unflavoured H2O and they can count their herbal/floral/fruity infusions towards their daily quota.

And sometimes people turn to them as a naturally medicinal approach to mild imbalances and upsets, from peppermint for indigestion and curbing appetite to chamomile flowers for calming jangled nerves any time of day, or as a soothing prelude to a good night's sleep.

If you're feeling in need of chamomile tea {perhaps for the sake of habit, we can let 'tisane' slide on the odd occasion}, a gentle spritz in the air of our J Baby Nursery Mist or Lavender Mt Blanc, Valencia + Clary Sage Room Mist will facilitate the chamomile tea in taking your tensions down a notch or more.

Fruit tisanes often include spices and herbs along with fruit extracts and oils, dried fruits and peel, and petals and blossoms that unfurl in the hot water to create a visually lovely ritual.

When inviting friends over for a High Tea at home, flip your Aroma Reeds located near your chosen entertainment area well ahead of time so they are offering a mere hint of fragrance drifting in the air and your guests can fully experience the delicate flavours of their teas and tisanes of choice.  My recommendations for such occasions: Vanilla Orchid and Sweet Herbs .

Perhaps a lovely way to usher in Spring's arrival.  The smell of the first jasmine buds blossoming can't be too far away now ...

Unleash your scents of elegance ... X

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Fragrance Composition: Exploring Base Notes August 15 2014

Before we can hand-pour any of our Australian-made Aroma Reeds, natural wax Scented Candles, Room Mists and Aromatic Oils, we need the obvious: our proprietary custom blends of fine fragrance and essential oils.

The composition of fragrance is not unlike the composition of music, albeit that of the melodious and harmonious kind. Where dissonance is used to create tension in music, such tensions aren't sought in perfumery.

But therein lies an important challenge to the perfumer. As cautioned by "Mr Nose' Jean Carles, founder of the Roure perfumery school in Grasse in 1940s, "The perfumer should be totally unprejudiced, should entirely disregard his own taste...  He should be aware there are no incompatibilities in perfumery, that apparently clashing materials will blend successfully on addition of another product playing the part of a binding agent, making their odors compatible."

Perfume notes are classified as top, middle or base notes depending on their volatility ~ the speed and velocity with which they diffuse into the air.  When you smell a fragrance directly in the bottle, the top notes are the first you first encounter, before moving into the middle or 'heart' of the scent, then descending finally to the base notes.

While we detect fragrance notes from the top down, when creating a fragrance, it's built from the base notes up, creating perfume chords of a number of different essences or notes, some dominating, others supporting and all dominant notes combining to fashion a harmonious whole.

Base notes are the deepest, most mysterious and tenacious of perfume ingredients, going back to ancient times, when camels carried them along the spice routes and essential oils were used to embalm royalty.  Most base notes are so powerful, they would verge on overwhelming if you were to sniff them straight from their individual bottles.  Mostly dark green or brown with a thick, syrup-like consistency, they generally come from roots, resins, lichens, saps, barks and grasses.

Typical base notes include:

  • sandalwood aphrodisiac, calming
  • galbanum green woody balsamic
  • frankincense soft, incense-like and undoubtedly the most important perfume substance in ancient times
  • tobacco lends a dry note and useful in balancing the cloying sweetness of some florals
  • ambrette seed from the hibiscus plant and known as the vegetable equivalent of musk
  • benzoin seductive, sensual, blends with almost anything
  • vetiver heavy-earthy "wet soil", grounding, blending
  • patchouli herbaceous, earthy and dry, woody-spicy
  • Bourbon vanilla rich and sweet, woody, balsamic-tobacco

When composing a base note chord, usually this is made of two to five ingredients, one prominent with the others adding and supporting.  Here's an example of a base note chord from 'Essence & Alchemy: A Natural History of Perfume' by Mandy Aftel: "AMBER: 30 drops labdanum, 120 drops benzoin, 6 drops vanilla"

Once a base note chord is built, other chords are then layered to create the scent symphony to apply over pulse points or mist and walk through {personal perfumes} ~ or offer up in diffusers, scented candles, room mists and aromatic oils as we do with our Jaye Niemi luxury home fragrances.

Best of all?  You just need to open the bottle or light the wick, close your eyes and inhale, enjoy being taken on a scent journey ~ and let us take care of the creation process for you.

Unleash your scents of elegance ... X

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Hot Chocolate Fashion and Fragrance Pairing August 08 2014

To my way of thinking, chocolate is always in fashion ~ both the dark-chocolate-high-in-antioxidant-flavonoids kind, and the dressing-you-and-your-interiors kind.

Soft creamy white and gold are two of my favourite colours and if we're on the same page, you know full well how beautifully chocolate in its many different hues and tones matches up with them.

This month's edition of InStyle Magazine {Australia} praises chocolate for being 'every bit as rich as deep jewel tones and a decadent, more flattering alternative to black.'

I beg to respectfully differ just a tad, as to my eye, I'd say it's not necessarily more flattering than black. I feel it depends on your hair and skin tones ~ but if you've always reached for black on auto-pilot, I urge you to try on browns in varying shades and take a black scarf with you.  Hold up the black scarf below your face and observe: do you look fresh and well-rested?  Take the scarf away and look at your face again while wearing brown.  Now how do you look?  It will either reassure your choices up until now or could give you a whole new outlook to consider.

Gorgeous all year around, brown can be more elusive to track down in summer than winter, so I highly recommend being on the lookout now for beautiful browns in as many staples as you can, especially transeasonal garments and accessories that can see you through most of the year.  And at this time of year, keep your best eagle catseye on the winter sales.  Brown is often overlooked for black so you might find some lovely treasures waiting for you.

  • Classic straight leg, slim leg and cigar pants
  • Lightweight and soft leather jacket
  • Merino and silk knits that feel amazing on your skin, are breathable and comfortable on warmish days, or layer with a merino tank, scarf and jacket on the chilliest ones
  • Pencil skirt
  • Spectacular bag with gold hardwear
  • Classic stiletto pumps: one pair each of leather and suede ~ and one in patent leather for good luck

For home, if you love chocolate brown and want to give it more life without taking it too far away from the classically elegant path and heading into 70s territory, what you team with it makes all the difference in keeping the look both timeless and now.

Combine it with white/ivory/cream, soft aqua and gold and watch what happens. And if you want to take it up a notch, add these colours in passementerie trimmings to your chocolate throw rug and cushions, and switch the buttons on your deep brown tufted sofa, bedhead or chair for ones in these colours.

And when it comes to a Jaye Niemi luxury home fragrance match for this look and feel, the first that springs to my mind is our contemporary classic Vanilla Orchid . Creating an oasis of peaceful luxury, Vanilla Orchid is warm, pure and irresistible. It is built on a harmony of rich coconut, orchid, aniseed and sweet components of creamy vanilla, sandalwood and sticky caramel ~ then enhanced with essential oil of guaiacwood.

Winter will be gone before we know it, so let's make the most of this beautiful scented candle weather while it's here. I'm suddenly inspired to put Vanilla Orchid on tonight's Jaye Niemi Scented Candle playlist.  How about you?

Unleash your scents of elegance ... X

Photo features InStyle Magazine {Australia} August 2014 edition

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Limelight for Leos: Your Jaye Niemi Fragrance Match August 01 2014

If you have a Leo in your life, you'll be well aware of their birthday ~ as there's a very good chance they are having a party ~ one that will be memorable, extravagant and larger than life.

Born between July 23rd and August 22nd, Leos love being Queens and Kings of the big stage and if they aren't professionally doing so, they will find a way of being in the spotlight no matter what they are doing.

If you're not sure how to take a Leo, remember they are the lions of the world: fierce, faithful and glorious.

If you are in their trusted circle, they will do all in their power to protect you and the rest of their pride. If you try to handle or control them, you're in dangerous territory.  Born leaders and highly ambitious, it's far better to play to their strengths and show them respect, as when they are at their best and doing what they are passionate about, they are unstoppable. When it comes to their passions ~ both in love and career ~ they are highly dependable to see things through.  But don't waste their talents and time with mundane tasks or you'll have a growling and discontented lion on your hands.

Leos love having fun and entertaining others.  In a crowded room, they are the magnetic and charming ones at the centre of a group of adoring admirers.

Famous Leos include Halle Berry, Jennifer Lopez, Audrey Tautou, Sandra Bullock and our gorgeous Australian heartthrobs: Chris Hemsworth, Eric Bana and Simon Baker.

When it comes to choosing a Jaye Niemi luxury home fragrance for your Leo ~ and it's a beautiful choice of gift, as they enjoy pampering themselves with the nicer things in life ~ these glamorous lions are most likely to love our exotic fragrances with an abundance of woodsy notes: Tuberose + Sandalwood and Precious Woods + Vetiver .

Tuberose + Sandalwood is our larger than life fragrance: intoxicating and not for the fainthearted. Having a Leo in your life can be a touch exhausting at times unless you're a fellow fire sign ~ Aries and Sagittarius ~ but it's a majestic and entertaining ride to be on. Heady notes of neroli and jasmine introduce the hero of this fragrance, tuberose. Swathed in sandalwood and touched by a vanilla pod, its base notes offer a comforting romantic undertone to this exotic scent.

Precious Woods + Vetiver would be my choice for your Leo's more reflective moments, when they need to retreat, regroup and lick their wounds {beneath that fierce exterior is a very soft heart and often misjudged}.  With a heart of midnight jasmine, clover and narcissus is lifted by spicy coriander seeds and delicate orange blossom petals, sinking down into exotic essential oils of cedarwood and sandalwood for a warm and meditative base.

Our Signature fragrances comes in classically elegant white packaging, ideal for wrapping in whatever gorgeous way best suits the recipient.  My recommendation for gift-wrapping for your Leo: leopard print, gold and big lavish ribbons. And lots of playful love.

Unleash your scents of elegance ... X

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Black and Red: Fragrance Matching by Colours July 25 2014

Black and red.  Bold and striking.  Yin and yang.

Black is still and quiet.  Black makes things recede ~ one of the reasons it's thought of as slimming ~ and this applies to interiors as well as wardrobe choices.  If you could see the same room side by side with a black sofa versus a white sofa, the difference it makes to the sense of space is quite amazing.

If you want to be unobtrusive and blend into the background, black is a go-to choice.

But add red ~ even just a splash of lipstick ~ and the game changes dramatically.

I thought it would be fun today to match up this combination with a fragrance from our gorgeous range of luxury scents for the home.  If you're fond of wearing this particular combination or designing your home around it, this one's for you.  And my role model and inspiration for today's choice is Australian racing driver Renee Gracie.

Renee is the first woman to race in the Porsche Carrera Cup Australia ~ and we're so proud of her.  Renee was part of team Jaye Niemi until her racing commitments took a sharp upward turn and nowadays, we miss her strong and vibrant nature around Jaye Niemi HQ.  But we're in wonderful company with the rest of her corporate sponsors.

Renee's Porsche colours last year were black and pink, which perfectly matched The Seduction of Mark Antony packaging.  I quietly shed a little tear when her Porsche for 2014 was unveiled in black and red, but there's no doubt it's a dramatic combination and one that suits her beautifully.

So my choice for Renee and the Jaye Niemi woman who loves dressing in black and red: Tuberose + Sandalwood .

Our 'biggest' scent by far, this spectacular beauty fills the room with its presence.  It is deep, sultry, voluptuous ~ and absolutely intoxicating.

Leaving nothing in doubt, Tuberose + Sandalwood is not for the fainthearted. {Nor is driving a Porsche around a race track at breathless speeds.} Heady notes of neroli and jasmine introduce the hero of this fragrance, tuberose. Swathed in sandalwood and touched by a vanilla pod, its base notes offer a comforting romantic undertone to this exotic scent.

The essential oils enveloped within Tuberose + Sandalwood are sandalwood, ylang ylang, celery seed, vanilla and tuberose absolute.

If you love black and red, you're a woman who knows her mind and likes taking action.  So you'll find all of our Tuberose + Sandalwood home fragrance products by clicking here .   Enjoy.

Unleash your scents of elegance ... X

Fashion image via Pinterest.

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Love and the Art of Snail Mail July 17 2014

To make an impression in the most elegant of ways, send a handwritten card.

If you told someone fifty years ago that this one action ~ something so common and everyday at the time ~ would nowadays become a rare pleasure to give and receive, they wouldn't have believed it.

But while the quick and easy convenience of technology makes it tempting and practical to send an email or eCard, its somewhat impersonal nature has done snail mail a favour of sorts and elevated the sending of handwritten notes and cards into an art form.

And a special tip for the gentlemen ~ if ever there was a way to take romance up a notch, putting pen to paper with something short and sweet ~ even a funny quote ~ will woo the light of your life in a way a text or email can only dream of doing.

Here are a few ways to include an unwritten message of elegance along with your heartfelt thoughts, whether you're sending a Thank You note to a dear friend or wanting to melt someone into your arms.

Personalised Stationery

What is your signature style?  Your stationery should sing who you are.  Or whisper, if you're the quieter type.  Jaye Niemi's signature style is tasteful, elegant and refined, like our luxury interior fragrances.  Thick white card, charcoal monogram and keyline letterpressed in small runs by hand.  Matching white envelope with a silver and charcoal striped liner ~ for something chic but a little unpredictable.  How about yours?  Dream it up and have it made.  If you're stumped for inspiration, look for one of the smaller custom stationery artisans who will help you design something bespoke and special. Some beautiful work is being done at The Distillery , Bespoke Letterpress and Paper Elephant .  And Etsy is home to a number of talented letterpress and custom stationery designers.

Seal Your Affection

Yes, you can pick up packets of adhesive seals and there are some rather lovely ones available.  You can take it up a notch by ordering customised adhesive wax seals.  But to really make an impression, we say, "Go old school!" Authentic wax seals are amazing, made by melting a wax stick over the back of your envelope then pressing your debossed wax seal into it.  You can have your own seal made ~ a monogram of your initials ~ or opt for a symbol you love and make that your trademark.

Convey Your Scents of Elegance

Our Jaye Niemi Room Mists have many uses around the home .  Rather than spraying directly onto fabrics, spritz them into the air and allow the specially-wrapped molecules to disperse and settle over whatever is in their path.  The same applies to scenting your stationery ~ when you've finished writing your card and envelope, spritz the air and wave your stationery through the gorgeous perfumed cloud.

Enjoy putting together your signature correspondence.  And for the sake of yin and yang, we'll leave you today with this valuable advice from Edward Bulwer Lytton. "If you are in doubt whether to write a letter or not, don't.  And the advice applies to many doubts in life besides that of letter writing."

Unleash your scents of elegance ... X

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Lemon Citrus and Delicious - Comfort Scents, Comfort Foods July 09 2014

"They light up by day and burn hot at night. Of the entire citrus family – including the orange, mandarin and grapefruit trees – the lemon tree (especially the lemon blossom) best captures the magic of their fresh scent." Serge Lutens

This poetic quote by French photographer, filmmaker, hair stylist, perfume art-director, fashion designer and dreamer - Serge Lutens - is a beautiful way of looking on the humble lemon.

In aromatherapy, citrus oils are well known for their cheering qualities.  They are mood lifters and if you want a burst of happiness, reach for any one of the citrus scents and you can't go wrong.

Being dedicated to fragrance quality above all else here at Jaye Niemi Australia, essential oils are core ingredients in our home perfumes.  Modern perfumery has developed scent notes not found in nature and provides stability and consistency ~ but we also feel it's important and valuable to include scents distilled from nature to impart a bespoke quality, a respectful nod to planet earth, and something genuinely unique to Jaye Niemi.

Creating uplifting feelings is a scent experience we are dedicated to providing for the Jaye Niemi woman and man, so it's no surprise to find lemon and other citrus essential oils in many of our gorgeous interior fragrances.  Here's a quick cheat sheet on our fragrances with citrus essential oils in their alchemy of scent notes:

  • Ginger Lily + Water Fruits {floral oriental} ::: lemon, white grapefruit, petitgrain
  • Living Verbena {fresh aromatic} ::: lemon, sweet orange, lime
  • Lavender Mt Blanc, Valencia + Clary Sage {aromatic} ::: valencia orange, bergamot
  • Sweet Herbs {soft floral aromatic } ::: lemon
  • Grapefruit + Jojoba {fruity woods} ::: grapefruit
  • J Baby Nursery {fresh aromatic} ::: bergamot, mandarin, orange
  • The Seduction of Mark Antony {floral oriental} ::: petitgrain, bergamot
  • THINK 9 {fresh aromatic } ::: lemon, bergamot

Most of us have heard of petitgrain and bergamot but some are surprised to discover they are in the citrus family.

Petitgrain essential oil is steam distilled from the leaves, twigs and/or branches of the same botanical species as neroli and bitter, but neroli is distilled from the blossoms and orange is typically cold pressed from the rinds of the fruits.  It has a fresh, woody aroma ~ less floral and citrusy than its sisters.

Bergamot fruit is similar in size to an orange but closer to lemons in colour.  If you can close your eyes and bring Eau de Cologne to mind, you might imagine this note, as bergamot is a major component of the original Eau de Cologne composed by Farina at the beginning of 18th century Germany. And bergamot is responsible for the distinctive aroma of Earl Grey tea.

And on the subject of tea and flavours, being winter here in Australia, Serge Lutens' talk of lemons burning hot at night has me thinking of comfort food.  There's a reason why Lemon Delicious puddings never really fall out of fashion.

If you're dreaming of one right now as I am, Donna Hay has a Citrus Delicious recipe here that requires no beating, just a food processor.

You can have it in the oven within about five minutes then curl up with your favourite Jaye Niemi Scented Candle and a good book for an hour while the oven does the rest.  Sounds like my idea of a blissful night in.

Unleash your scents of elegance ... X

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Winter Accessorising for your Home July 04 2014

After an autumn that was more like the best summer ever, winter is in full swing and we're finally feeling it.

Brisbane might have warm winters compared to many, but often we're shivering more than our southern counterparts thanks to our summer-friendly architecture. {If you live in a Queenslander, I'm not telling you anything new.} High ceilings, polished timber floors and breezy verandahs are a blessing when the humidity is off the charts, but when the westerlies are sailing through?  It's a different story.

Our gorgeous clean-burning Jaye Niemi Scented Candles certainly make things feel much more snug without pumping petrochemical fumes into the air.  With their cotton wicks and molten 100% botanical wax pools gently warming the essential oils in our fine perfume blends, you'll be basking in a cosy glow of wellbeing.  And winter is great snuggling weather ~ all the better for lighting romance and turning up the heat while keeping the wattage low.  { The Seduction of Mark Antony was tailor-made for this, with its alchemy of essential oils known for evoking sensuality, passion, confidence and reassurance.}

Other ways to add cosiness to your interiors is to take the layering concepts we talked about last week for your wardrobe elegance and translate them to your home.

Throw Rugs

Think of throw rugs as scarves for your sofa and chairs.  You might choose eye-catching splashes from the warm side of the colour palette ~ reds, oranges and yellows.  In colour therapy, red is thought to stimulate circulation and combat tiredness and lethargy.  Orange is fun, sociable and energising ~ and yellow is cheery and positive.  If you feel more comfortable with neutrals, go for as much texture as you can: nubby fabrics, large cable knits and soft, fluffy chenilles.  Dress your bed with them as well.  Toss flokati or sheepskin rugs over chairs and if you have a home office, this makes an easy instant makeover for your office chair.

Switch to Warm Light

Thankfully, low energy bulbs have advanced a long way since their early days.  Look for bulbs that cast warm tones, not cold ones. The packaging should tell you. A golden glow is much more welcoming than an icy white one.  We can get used to looking at things, so do a 'warmth' scan throughout your home in case you still have some lights that aren't as cosy as they could be.

Over-Cushion {if there's any such thing}

If you prefer the minimal look and feel when it comes to scatter cushions, you might want to soften your stand during the cold months.  The comfort power of nestling into a cocoon of soft, plump, feather and down scatter cushions when the winds are howling is not to be lightly underestimated.  Invest in quality inners and visit an interior designer/decorator or soft furnishings manufacturer and have an alternate set of cushion covers made for the cold months. Again, seek out warming textures like knits, sheepskin and velvet.

Remember to pull the curtains and close your blinds as the sun goes down to prevent heat loss through the glass - and it helps you forget about the outside world for a while, too.

Unleash your scents of elegance ... X

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Elegant Ways to Stay Cosy and Chic at Home June 27 2014

Is a drop in the mercury a challenge for you?

If you're an elegant Jaye Niemi soul who feels the cold, you might ask yourself the same question I do when a chill wind blows: how do you stay snug yet chic?

How do you keep the frostbite at bay without being at risk of adding kilos you don't have or looking like you're wearing your doona?

Snuggle up with Scarves

Wearing scarves is a trademark of the French, but not just for the sake of being fashionable.  {I'm not sure if anyone has checked to see if it's wired into their DNA.}  No, the French are firm believers that wearing a scarf is mandatory for warding off dreaded colds.  Aside from this very real benefit ~ since I've been wearing scarves in winter, I've not had a cold or flu ~ they do make your neck, throat and chest feel protected and snug.  And whether summer or winter, here are four gorgeous ways to tie your scarf and fit in like a native Parisian , thanks to Sylvia Sabes of Girls Guide to Paris.

There are plenty of people who love having many scarves in a variety of colours and prints.  As for me, I found myself gravitating to the same couple over and over again ~ both of them neutral, soft and fine ~ so I donated the others and freed up some wardrobe space.  Much like elegant neutral interiors, I don't use my scarves as eye-catching accessories but rather a way of adding another layer or dimension ~ a different texture to add warmth and interest.  And by choosing soft, fine fabrics, you can wrap the scarf over your head as well when the breeze is really biting. If you don't feel like caps and hats suit you, try softly wrapping your scarf à la Audrey Hepburn ~ you might love it.

Lose the Bulk with Layers

Chunky knits look gorgeous over merino leggings or slim/skinny jeans.  But what to do when a chunky knit isn't enough? Often they aren't as warm as you expect them to be. Finely woven layers of natural fibres like silk and wool are a godsend.  I used to resist thermals, filled with visions of utilitarian undergarments from my childhood days ~ then I discovered 'thermal' and 'fashionable' are not longer mutually exclusive.  Aside from clothes labelled as 'thermal', look for pullovers and tank tops made from finely woven merino.  I have plenty of these in neutrals that all work together, and you can trap your body heat in each of several light layers under a chunky knit without adding kilos.

Light up your Jaye Niemi Scented Candles

Gazing into the dancing flame of your favourite Jaye Niemi Scented Candle will do wonders for making you feel warmer and cosier.  My favourites for winter?  I'm always drawn to our fragrances with plenty of woodsy notes at this time of year. Precious Woods + Vetiver and our new Café Noir + Turkish Rose are in permanent rotation on my candle playlist at the moment.  And if you love Tuberose + Sandalwood but find it a touch strong for your nose in summer, winter is when it really comes into its own.

Next post, we'll take a look at ways of translating these across to cosying up your interiors for winter.

In the meantime, stay snug and unleash your scents of elegance ... X

Image credit ::: rareaudreyhepburn

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Spritz your Space Saturdays for Scented Memories June 03 2014

Fragrances are beautiful for setting moods and triggering memories. Scents and people, occasions and locations become inextricably linked with each other.  When the original iconic Shingle Inn {built in 1936 in Edward St here in Brisbane} was dismantled to make room for the Queens Plaza development in 2002, one of the most common regrets expressed by people was losing the place where they had such fond memories of eating patty cakes and drinking tea poured from grand silver teapots while talking with their mother, aunt and grandmother. Even today, if they smelled the perfume she wore at the time, chances are they would be transported back to morning tea at the Shingle Inn no matter how long ago ~ such is the power of fragrance.

Your Saturday mornings mark the beginning of another beautiful weekend ~ a time to enjoy the simple pleasures of being at home, nesting with loved ones.  So I urge you to start a new tradition.  Choose one of your favourite Jaye Niemi Room Mist fragrances and make it your Saturday morning ritual to spritz your space as a way of setting the mood and creating scent memories of comfort, love and sanctuary.

Our Room Mists are created with a special process that wraps the molecules for a longer lasting scent-throw without being overpowering.  As the fragrance is freed the full scent is detected – from the delicate light top notes through to those wonderful weighty base notes.

Beautiful Jaye Niemi home fragrances for energising and enlivening all year around are Living Verbena, Grapefruit + Jojoba and Sweet Herbs . These are also lovely all-rounders if you're expecting company, whether male or female, being more citrus or green than floral but still with soft, sweet notes.

Before long, whenever you spray your chosen Signature Saturday Spritz, it will bring about that weekend feel instantly.  So much so that if you travel a lot and pack it in your luggage {in double zip lock bags to be safe, though if it was to leak, the contents of your luggage would smell divine...}, it will comfort you with memories of home when you spritz whatever space you're in.

As the weekend often involves folding and putting freshly washed towels and sheets away, Spritzing Saturdays are also a great way to imbue your home linen with an elegant scent. Rather than using harsh laundry liquids and powders with overwhelming commercial fragrance - too harsh for delicate noses - use a scent-free natural laundry detergent.  Then spray your favourite essential-oil infused Jaye Niemi Room Mist in the air above your linen and allow it to settle on the fabrics before folding and putting them away. Lavender Mt Blanc, Valencia + Clary Sage is especially lovely for this. Everyone will feel pampered and relaxed when they towel off after showering or slide into bed between fresh sheets.

Our Room Mists are perfect for an instant burst of home perfume any time, so we aren't suggesting you save them for Saturdays alone ~ on the contrary, we believe fragrancing your home is something that makes the everyday special ~ and just one Room Mist will cost around the same as a small armful of fresh flowers but will last for months.  But with Spritzing your Space Saturdays, you'll create a ritual to help you let go of the cares of the working week, feel treasured, and unwind.

Have a beautiful time creating new scent memories this weekend ~ and unleash your scents of elegance ... X

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Organic Skincare to Ward Off Dry Winter Skin May 23 2014

In autumn and winter, it's easy for our skin to dry out before we even realise it.  But an ounce of prevention helps keep your skin nourished and soft and makes it easier to ward off the dryness as the mercury continues to drop. And with our certified organic skin care , you're in excellent hands.  As are we.

At Shop Jaye Niemi, each of our luxury home fragrances is individually hand-poured into its vessel ~ beautiful flacons for our Aroma Reeds, elegant glass tumblers for our 100% botanical wax Scented Candles, and square-cut bottles for our Room Mists and Aromatic Oils.

Our hands get a big workout here ~ not only with pouring, but with the constant meticulous clean-up process that goes on after every type of production, especially our Scented Candles.  Fortunately for us, we have our very own certified organic Hand Crème, Body Crème, cleansing Body Wash and their key powerhouse ingredients on our side ~ and yours.

Argan Oil for Ultra-Hydration

One of the key ingredients in our certified organic bath and body range is argan oil, also called 'Liquid Gold' by those who swear by it for instantly infusing their hair and skin with moisture and lasting hydration.  And argan oil is extracted by cold-crushing {to protect its valuable nutrients} from the nuts of the argan tree, commonly called 'The Tree of Life' ~ giving us another insight into how much it's treasured.

Being high in vitamin E and essential fatty acids, argan oil is believed to help all sorts of skin conditions: dry skin, acne, psoriasis, eczema, wrinkles.  So when it came to formulating our range, no wonder we chose this ingredient to work some magic.

We teamed argan oil with essential oil of freshly picked Ylang Ylang flowers for a totally natural light-floral scent.  If you avoid synthetic perfumes, you'll love their absence from our bath and body range.

In fact, the things we left out might be even more important than the things we chose to include:  NO animal testing or derivatives, sulfates, parabens, synthetic fragrances or colours, mineral oils, TEA, DEA, PEGs, glycols, silicones.  Safe and gentle for you and your family.

Head over here to have our certified organic Hand Crème, Body Crème and Body Wash delivered to your door.

Until next time ~ unleash your scents of elegance ... X

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Love Stronger Scents? Love our Intense Home Fragrances May 16 2014

When you unleash our scents of elegance, it's like applying the finest of perfumes onto the pulse points of your home.

One of the distinctive traits of the Jaye Niemi Australia brand is our exceptional quality of fragrance.  We aim to create a sensory experience for you that's highly nuanced and more akin to fine perfumerie than the typical room scents out in the marketplace, which can be quite overpowering for many noses. To help achieve this, our luxury home fragrances are composed from essential oils and premium scent notes.

Because our Aroma Reeds, Scented Candles, Room Mists and Aromatic Oils can be more subtle for some people than they're accustomed to, some customers were asking us for stronger fragrances.  And we were happy to consider this ~ but we didn't want to sacrifice the nuance and complexity our customers know to expect from our products.  So we created the INTENSE range of Aroma Reeds specifically to meet those needs.

Our five INTENSE fragrances are still made with essential oils and fine perfumes, but with deeper intensity than our Signature range. Think eau de parfum vs eau de toilette. And the reeds included with INTENSE are designed to release more scent throw than the ones supplied with our other ranges.  The result is a stronger scent experience each time you flip the reeds but one which is still of the highest quality.

To help differentiate INTENSE from our other ranges, we deliberately put together a quite different style of packaging, using a square textured glass bottle with black collar and chain, and bold, saturated colour accents to appeal to fashionistas looking for something a little more trend-driven while still retaining elegance in the scent.

Each of the fragrance stories which inspired them has a touch of romance, sultriness or intrigue.  Like Mandarin + Cactus Flower: Mandarin leaves and Bulgarian rose petals crushed silently underfoot as she stepped carefully past the towering cactus, its flowers blossoming open in their nightly ritual. The lavish silken drapes of the tented oasis drifted apart and a hint of sandalwood escaped, beckoning her.

Click on each these to discover more: Pink Pepper + Vetiver, , Honeysuckle + Toffee, Jasmine + Ambrette .

If you're feeling daring, take a walk on the broodingly mysterious side with Intense.  And if you would love to receive our occasional news and special offers, please take just a moment to subscribe to our VIPs list {down at the bottom of this page} and Like our Facebook page.

Until next time ~ unleash your scents of elegance ... X

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Five Things You've Wondered About Aroma Reeds {And Never Asked} May 06 2014

Here at Jaye Niemi Australia, we've been creating scents of elegance since 2004.  Ten years and counting {and it's already six months since the launch of our online store Shop Jaye Niemi }.

We've been flipping Aroma Reeds, spritzing Room Mists, lighting up our botanical Scented Candles and burning Aromatic Oils ~ at work and at home ~ for a long time now.  And because we're so familiar with them, we sometimes forget that you might not be as familiar with their nuances.

So today, we're answering the five most common questions we're asked about our Aroma Reeds .

1. How do they work?

The prepared reeds are made from highly absorbent renewable timbers and fibres.  When you flip the reeds over, the fragrance at eau de toilette concentration is exposed and released into the air.  This unleashes our scents of elegance into your room.  The reeds also 'wick' the fragrance, drawing it up into their core ~ and this helps to sustain the scent release.

2. Why do I have to flip the reeds?

Over time, the fragrance evaporates from the surface of the Aroma Reeds.  While the reeds act as wicks, the scent throw from the wicking is more subtle than the scent throw from the surface of the reeds.  As the surface fragrance on the reeds evaporates, the scent throw dwindles and needs to be refreshed by exposing the saturated ends of the reeds to the air.

3. Some of the fragrances smell stronger than others.  Can I control the amount of fragrance being diffused?

True ~ some of our Jaye Niemi interior fragrance blends are stronger than others because of their scent notes.  Tuberose + Sandalwood is headier than one with lots of lighter fresh scent notes, like Grapefruit + Jojoba.  For less scent throw, flip just two or three reeds and see if that is the right balance for your nose.  For less or more, just experiment with the number of reeds you flip.

4.  How often should I flip my reeds?

There's no right or wrong answer to this one.  Flip as often as you like depending on your own preference for how strong a scent throw you like, and how quickly the surface fragrance evaporates.  If your Aroma Reeds are located in a sunny position, the fragrance will evaporate faster.  Likewise, air-conditioning, more breeze and airflow will hasten the evaporation process.  And in a larger room, there is a bigger area for the scent to cover, so more frequent flipping might be needed to help the scent carry further. And if you tend to forget about them ~ flipping your Aroma Reeds every time you clean is a handy way to remind yourself.

5.  I could smell the fragrance easily at first, but now I don't seem to notice it ~ and there's still plenty of fragrance in the bottle.  What's happening?

Our noses can become accustomed to scents thanks to olfactory fatigue. If you suspect that's happening for you, try switching your Aroma Reeds to different areas of your home and see if you notice the difference.

If something about our Aroma Reed diffusers is still baffling you, please click here to ask us on our contact page.  We'd love to help.

Until next time ~ unleash your scents of elegance ... X

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Jaye Niemi teams with Home Beautiful Magazine April 28 2014

If you're a devoted lover of scented candles, quite probably you're also devoted to your home.  Creating ambience, cosying up the atmosphere, wanting everyone feel welcome ~ these are traits shared by all of the customers we speak with.

So we're delighted to partner up with Australia's Home Beautiful magazine for their .

We're guessing you'd love to score a free Jaye Niemi Scented Candle.  One of these three fragrances will be randomly allocated to new subscribers: Lavender Mt Blanc, Valencia + Clary Sage or Living Verbena or Ginger Lily + Water Fruits .  And for a pampering shower, you'll also receive one certified organic Argan Oil + Ylang Ylang Body Wash .  This rich and gentle gel also includes such lovely ingredients as green tea and ginger extracts. {Both items are full-size, not sample sizes ~ so you'll enjoy basking in 50 hours of botanical candlelight and many uplifting bath-times.}

You'll find details of the offer in Home Beautiful's May edition ~ OUT NOW ~ or if you want to increase your chances of subscribing in time to receive this gorgeous bonus {valued at $59.90}, click to subscribe online right now.

Until next time ~ unleash your scents of elegance ... X

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New Floral Oriental Home Fragrance: Café Noir + Turkish Rose April 17 2014

"… exotic, mysterious, musky. Sophisticated and filled with temptation..."

Be transported on a sultry journey through an exotic bazaar, where mystery beckons and forbidden promise lures. Top notes of dusky market roses mingle seductively with warm, dark coffee middle notes to stir the senses. Slowly, you descend into a heart of spices, earthy woods and intrigue.

Café Noir + Turkish Rose is a blend of fine perfume and essential oils of black pepper, geranium, rose otto, cinnamon, patchouli, frankincense ~ hand-poured into our home fragrance products.

We started developing this scent nearly 12 months ago.  Being a brand respected for classic elegance and impeccable quality, we never rush the development of a new fragrance or its release.  We want you to know you can count on us to give you something out of the ordinary. {And now perhaps it makes sense as to why we've been talking a lot about coffee lately... }

Café Noir + Turkish Rose is presented beautifully in our white-packaged Signature range across all of our luxury Australian-made interior fragrance products.  Click to explore each of them: Aroma Reeds , Scented Candles , Room Mists and Aromatic Oils .

We'd love to hear your thoughts when you've started experiencing it.  And please share your Cafe Noir + Turkish Rose products in action by tagging @JayeNiemiAustralia with #unleashyourscentsJN.

Wishing you a safe and happy Easter weekend.

Unleash your scents of elegance ... X

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Scents of a Mediterannean Garden April 04 2014

Fragrances transport us, which can be very handy if the cooler weather is making you long for a stroll in a warmer location.  Today, we'll talk about our Sweet Herbs range and how it can have you closing your eyes and wandering through a beautiful, aromatic garden in the Mediterranean.

This gorgeous blend of herbs and spices includes the essential oils of basil, lemon, nutmeg, benzoin and they help create the magic for your senses.

The scent journey they lead you on starts with florals and sweet vanilla.  Soon, you'll start to catch the basil, lemon and nutmeg, before being led to a soft, woody and mossy base.

Whether you love cooking or prefer to focus on eating, you'll know how familiar basil is as an ingredient in food from the Mediterranean, so it was an obvious inclusion for this Jaye Niemi home fragrance.  Basil was named after the Greek word “basilikos”, because the Greeks considered basil the king of herbs. The essential oil is known to be invigorating and excellent for mental fatigue.

Essential oil of lemon could have you thinking of limoncello, a lemon liqueur produced mainly in southern Italy.  And nutmeg essential oil adds a sweet, warm spiciness that's both comforting and energising.  With their notes from an aromatic garden, the Aroma Reeds , Scented Candles , Room Mists and Aromatic Oils we hand-pour using this Sweet Herbs fragrance make a beautiful choice for your friends and loved ones with green thumbs.  And it's popular with both men and women, so makes a great all-rounder, too.

Enjoy your stroll, and unleash your scents of elegance ... X

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Coffee Beans for Olfactory Fatigue March 28 2014

When you're working and living with fragrances, olfactory fatigue comes with the territory. {Or as Science Buddies like to describe it, "When your sniffer snoozes ..."} Here at Jaye Niemi Australia, we are constantly pouring our fine fragrance/essential oil blends into botanical wax for Scented Candles, and into our Aroma Reed flacons and other luxury home fragrance lines.  So it's no surprise that we need to refresh our olfactory glands often.

And even at home, it's easy for this to happen.  Not just with scents you love, but with other smells.  It's the reason why you can smell your perfume when you first apply it but only get to enjoy it for a brief while afterwards.  It hasn't evaporated or worn off that fast ~ our noses just don't detect it as they've acclimatised to it.

Olfactory fatigue is a very handy phenomenon when we're caught waiting somewhere with eau de not-so-charming , but when you're around a fragrance you love or trying to choose between several and your nose no longer knows, just open a jar of coffee beans and inhale through your nose.  It really does work.  Apparently smelling lanolin ~ yes, from sheep ~ does the trick too, but call us crazy, we're happy to stay with the coffee beans.  And we're somewhat partial to drinking them, too.

If you want to be really serious about your scents, you could keep a few coffee beans in an attractive pill-box in your handbag.  It might raise some eyebrows, but when others can no longer tell lemon from sandalwood and don't know what to choose, guess whose beans they will want to borrow.

Until next time, unleash your scents of elegance ... X

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Seven Tips for Caring for your Scented Candles March 21 2014

Behold the Jaye Niemi Scented Candle: one elegant glass tumbler filled with wax and a single wick to produce gorgeous scented light - one of life's simple pleasures.

The beauty of using 100% botanical wax with a cotton wick {as we do} is its clean burning thanks to being an entirely plant-based, natural wax + wick product.  Technically speaking, paraffin wax and botanical wax both work in similar ways to produce a candle - both come about through converting 'crude oil' into wax which is used to create a candle.  But here at Jaye Niemi Australia, we feel better about choosing crude oil from renewable plant resources over crude oil from petroleum. {Chances are, you do, too.}

Since so much care goes into our hand-poured Australian-made candles , we'd like to pass on to you some easy tips for getting the most from your candle experience. {And these tips are included in a booklet that comes with your Jaye Niemi Scented Candle.}

  • Glass and molten wax can be hot. {This is stating the obvious, but sometimes we are distracted, so please remember to handle with care.}
  • Never leave a candle burning unattended.  Never. {Not even if you're just ducking out of the room for a few minutes.  Please repeat after me: Never.}
  • As a rule of thumb, we suggest allowing your Jaye Niemi candle to remain lit for at least 3 hours, for the first burn at least.  Allowing the entire surface of the wax to fully melt before extinguishing helps your candle to burn fully to the edges for the life of the candle.
  • Before lighting again, trim the wick to around 1 cm at most.  This will stop the flame from being too big and causing your candle to burn faster than it needs to. {Don't be overenthusiastic, though.  Trim it too short and your candle will have difficulty melting fully to the edges.}
  • Drafts will also hasten the burning process, so best to avoid them for your candle when you can.
  • Store your candle upright and out of direct sunlight.
  • To snuff your candle, if it came with a metal lid, simply put the lid on and the flame will go out.  If not, dip the lit wick into the melt pool by nudging it in with a metal skewer.  This eliminates smokiness when the candle is extinguished.
  • To clean your candle, remove burnt wick from wax pool when cool enough to do so, and wipe over top of the cooled candle wax and inside of the jar if necessary using stocking or muslin. {This is a non-essential bonus tip for the exceptionally thorough types...}

Enjoy lighting up your life, and unleash your scents of elegance ... X

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Win our Aroma Reeds plus Certified Organic Hand Creme March 13 2014

It's autumn and the nights and mornings are already becoming crisper.

To celebrate the new season, we're running a competition giveaway on our Facebook page .  The full details are there ~ it's easy to enter, simply visit our fragrances at Shop Jaye Niemi and share which is your favourite Jaye Niemi scent for autumn and why in the comments for the Autumn Reeds Giveaway Facebook post . {If you could please Share the post with your friends and Like our page while you're there, we would be tickled.}

Entries close this Sunday midnight 16th March 2014, so flip your reeds, spritz your Room Mist, light up a Scented Candle or warm some Aromatic Oils and allow your creativity to have a wander.

Until next time, our tip for elegance as the temperatures start to change: light pure wool layers in neutral colours will help you weather the cool nights and sometimes-hot days comfortably.

Unleash your scents of elegance, and we look forward to reading your entries on our Facebook page... X

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Countdown to our new Jaye Niemi Fragrance March 07 2014

When a new fragrance release is pending, it's very, very hard to keep the secret.  This one has been a long time in the crafting ~ so I keep reminding myself that discretion is the better part of valor when the temptation to spill the beans is on the cusp of flowing over.

I can tell you at it's heart lies a scent note that we've had countless requests for over the time.  And here at Shop Jaye Niemi and our Brisbane headquarters, we are all smitten with it, which actually surprised us because we have mixed preferences among our team for fragrance families.  If we knew why this one struck a common chord, we could bottle it ~ but the instinctive and unreasoning allure of one fragrance over another is part of its magic so we won't even try to apply logic.  Elegance leaves something to the imagination.

The clock is ticking down to launch date and I'll be leaving more clues as the ribbon draws closer to cutting.  If you haven't yet subscribed to our VIPs, please do. {See the box at the bottom of the page?  That's where you join us.} As a VIP, you'll be the first to find out all about this beautiful new Jaye Niemi interior perfume.  I can confirm it will join our Signature Range of fragrances so it will be available in the entire suite of products: Aroma Reeds, Scented Candles {100% botanical wax}, Room Mists and Aromatic Oils.  And it will be available directly from us and our beautiful stockists.

Meanwhile, a gentle prompt that we love seeing your Jaye Niemi products in action at home, so please continue to share your photos with us via Instagram.  Tag us on @JayeNiemiAustralia with #unleashyourscentsJN so that we don't miss any of them.  And you can always email your thoughts and photos to us on [email protected] .

Have a beautiful weekend.  Unleash your scents of elegance ... X

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Renew, Recycle, Revive February 28 2014

Here at Shop Jaye Niemi, when browing for quotes on recycling and the environment to accompany today's post, there was a recurring theme: by each of us doing all we can in our small, everyday actions to renew, recycle or revive, we really can change the world for the better. And no matter which side of the climate change fence you sit on, surely a cleaner planet with less landfill and pollution has to be a beautiful thing?

So, when your Jaye Niemi Aroma Reeds glass flacon is down to its last few drops, here are a couple of thoughts on extending its life {in addition to washing and placing in the recycling bin}.

When finished with your glass flacon, wash with warm soapy water and rinse.  Now you have a beautiful vase for a single stem of flowers or greenery from the garden {as photographed above} .  And for dinner parties, gather a collection over time and fill with individual stems of varying heights to dot along your dining table runner.  Or cluster them en masse in the centre with some natural-wax tealights in your wiped and washed out Jaye Niemi Scented Candle glass tumblers.

Our Aroma Reed timber caps were designed to be both practical and nature-inspired {the latter being a nod to the essential oils in our fragrance blends}. The hole is the optimal size to hold the supplied reeds snugly in place and allow minimal oxygen to enter the bottle, making for a long life.  And when you flip the reeds to refresh the fragrance and replace them in the flacon, if a drop or two of fragrance splashes onto the cap, it will absorb into the timber quickly and cleanly and will be diffused.  So while the specially-prepared reeds {from renewable fibres} will allow you to wick up the entire contents of your Aroma Reeds bottle, you might like to tap the last few drops onto the timber lid instead, then place it into a wardrobe or drawers for a fragrance lift when you open them.  To deter moths from your wardrobe, place several drops of our Lavender Mt Blanc, Valencia + Clary Sage Aromatic Oil onto the cap, then add a few drops of essential oil of cedar, lemongrass or cloves to increase the insect-repelling power. These will evaporate over time, so replenish as needed.

Please share your creative ideas on other ways for recycling, renewing or reviving your Aroma Reed empties with #unleashyourscentsJN and tag us @JayeNiemiAustralia ~ we'd love to see them.

Unleash your scents of elegance ... X

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Quick Tips on Choosing Jaye Niemi Scents by Occasion February 21 2014

With so many Jaye Niemi luxury fragrances at your fingertips, here are our quick tips for those times when you really don't feel like making another decision in your day.

All of our Signature and Specialty home perfumes are hand-poured into Aroma Reeds, Scented Candles, Room Mists, with most also available in our concentrated Aromatic Oils.  And to further simplify, we've grouped them into broad scent families. {ANOTHER TIME-SAVING TIP:  You can also shop our Jaye Niemi Australia online store by these same scent families.  Simply click on the Shop link then choose your favourite fragrance type from the Browse dropdown box on the right of screen.}


  • Ginger Lily + Water Fruits Enjoy a casual, sunny afternoon tea
  • Tuberose + Sandalwood Create a heady South Pacific atmosphere for outdoor summer dining
  • Sweet Herbs Transport your sunroom or outdoor dining to a beautiful, aromatic garden in the Mediterranean


  • Living Verbena Cleanse the air after a dinner party or between courses
  • Lavender Mt Blanc, Valencia + Clary Sage Relax and de-stress
  • Grapefruit + Jojoba Socialize with warm. tropical escape
  • J Baby Nursery Set a sleepy mood for babies and young children
  • THINK 9 Set the mood ready for study


  • Precious Woods + Vetiver Create an exotic, ethereal, oriental atmosphere
  • Vanilla Orchid Roll out the welcome mat with a classical favourite
  • The Seduction of Mark Antony Set a romantic undertone to the evening

And our most profound tip for choosing: if in doubt, go where the whim takes you.

Unleash your scents of elegance ... X

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Ylang Ylang: The Romantic Floral February 14 2014

One of the elements that makes our Jaye Niemi fragrances so special is the inclusion of essential oils in every single one. These beautiful ingredients have been extracted {mostly by steam distillation} from flowers, leaves, wood, bark, roots, seeds, or peel.  Essential oils are also known as 'the lifeblood of the plant' .  Before the creation of synthetic fragrances, essential oils were the lifeblood of the perfumer as well.  Synthetic fragrances have given the world scent notes it would not have otherwise had, together with the stability and predictability expected by mass markets.  But essential oils add a touch of nature's unpredictable magic back into the equation ~ and at Jaye Niemi, we wouldn't have it any other way.

So, as today is Valentine's Day, we're featuring an essential oil known for its ability to bring out the romantic streak in people: Ylang Ylang.

Ylang Ylang {Cananga odorata} is a tall tropical tree native to eastern Indonesia, the Philippines, Madagascar, Réunion, Haiti and Zanzibar.  Its extravagant blooms are yellow with long petals, and from these freshly-picked fragrant flowers, the essential oil is distilled or extracted.  In some cultures, the flower petals are strewn upon the bed on wedding nights ~ and possibly no coincidence that Ylang Ylang essential oil is known for its aphrodisiac qualities.  The natural chemical constituents of Ylang Ylang also combine to provide both a calming and euphoric effect, which can help combat feelings of severe anxiety and tension.

You'll find Ylang Ylang in our interior fragrance products of Tuberose + Sandalwood and The Seduction of Mark Antony .

We also chose Ylang Ylang as the certified organic essential oil to include in our natural Australian-made skincare range.  We settled on this exotic floral for its balancing action {whether your skin tends to dryness or excess oil}, together with its soothing qualities for the psyche.  So when you're smoothing on our Hand Crème and Body Crème, simply close your eyes and inhale for a beautiful calming aromatherapy moment in your day. {And when you're sudsing up with the Body Wash in the shower, you might be overcome by the need for someone to help scrub your back ...} And on that note, Happy Valentine's Day.

Unleash your scents of elegance ... X

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Feathers and the Chemistry of Romantic Scents February 07 2014

According to VOGUE LIVING Australia {Nov/Dec 2013} , feathers are trending across design  {from wallpapers to lamp shades} and fashion {the Dior VIII Grand Bal Plume watch just might take your breath away}.

This makes The Seduction of Mark Antony not just perfect for fanning the flames of romance on Valentine's Day {or any day ending in 'y'} but on trend as well with the surprise we tuck in with every one of its Aroma Reeds, Scented Candles and Boudoir Mists we send out.

Once you've gathered enough, you can create your own feathered artwork.  Lie them out symmetrically or toss them serendipitously and fix them where they fall.  Use acid-free glue to fasten onto a sheet of beautiful thick watercolour rag paper with a deckled edge, then frame it.

This dramatic combination of fuchsia and black is carried through to the packaging and was chosen to embody passion and love.  And it's also a nod to the rose petal essential oils that are a key ingredient in this sultry Jaye Niemi blend, inspiring feelings of sensuality and passion.  Woody notes of sandalwood and Madagascan vanilla bean intensify the sensuality, while cedarwood and myrrh bring out confidence.  Ylang ylang and cassia introduce a little heat and spice.  With all this chemistry going on, geranium, petitgrain {from leaves and green twigs of the bitter orange plant} and bergamot {also a citrus oil} are present to nourish the emotions.

And love is one of the greatest emotions of all.

Unleash your scents of elegance ...

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Tickling St Valentine with The Seduction of Mark Antony Fragrance January 31 2014

Thanks to St Valentine, February is officially considered the month of romance.   And although the 14th is still a couple of weeks away, we’re drawing cupid’s arrow already and The Seduction of Mark Antony Aroma Reeds, Scented Candles and Boudoir Mists are winging their way around the country in readiness.  This fragrance is our No.1 seller at this time of year.  With its blend of essential oils including rose maroc, sandalwood and bergamot to encourage sensuality, passion, confidence and reassurance, those in the know are wise to its power of attraction. {And there's a ticklish surprise in every box.}

Here at Jaye Niemi Australia, we enjoy the sweet tradition of gifting symbols of love for Valentine’s Day as much as the next romantic.  Yet I don’t think I’m alone in wanting to show those we care for that we love them all year around - through the way we communicate with each other, the way we laugh together, the way we show each other respect and accept all of the parts that come together to make the sum of us.

Little thoughtful gestures from the heart can be just as touching {or more} as the grandiose and majestic ones.  A handwritten note tucked into your sweetheart’s laptop case or pocket.  A message written on the bathroom mirror that reveals itself in the steam of the shower. {Hint from Cupid: “You forgot the milk again,” is not what we’re aiming for here.} Doing some of the chores you know they can’t stand doing if they’ve been having a bad day.  A scalp massage or foot rub if they collapse onto the sofa with a heavy sigh.  {Light up one of our Scented Candles or Aromatic Oils and you’ll both feel better.}

So, here’s to romance all year around.   That’s why we make The Seduction of Mark Antony all year around.   To love.

Unleash your scents of elegance …X

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Unleashing Our Scents of Elegance November 17 2013

After nine years of selling our luxury brand of home fragrance products solely through our stockists, we decided recently to respond to the countless requests we've had from people and open our own online store as well.  In a constantly shifting landscape of commerce, it makes sense for us to have a way to communicate directly with our customers and get to know you more personally.   We've been unleashing our scents of elegance for nearly a decade now, and want to discover how you're doing the same.

We understand that nothing replaces the atmosphere of visiting your favourite local stockist for the in-store experience of dabbling around with a number of our fragrances and products.  And we love our stockists, many of whom have been loyal to our brand since the early days of Jaye Niemi Australia.  So our store locator will help you to locate your closest one for those times you want to drop into a bricks and mortar store rather than ordering directly online.

While you're here, why don't you go ahead and subscribe to our emails.  You'll go onto our VIP insider list for the latest news on what we're up to here at Jaye Niemi, tips for unleashing your scents of elegance, and special offers and promotions.  One of our tips for elegance is that less is more, so don't worry ~ we know your time is valuable and we won't overstay our welcome in your inbox.

If you have any questions or feedback, simply click the Contact link and let us know your thoughts.  Or just say, "Hello!" ~ any time.

Til next time, unleash your scents of elegance ...