Tickling St Valentine with The Seduction of Mark Antony Fragrance January 31 2014

Thanks to St Valentine, February is officially considered the month of romance.   And although the 14th is still a couple of weeks away, we’re drawing cupid’s arrow already and The Seduction of Mark Antony Aroma Reeds, Scented Candles and Boudoir Mists are winging their way around the country in readiness.  This fragrance is our No.1 seller at this time of year.  With its blend of essential oils including rose maroc, sandalwood and bergamot to encourage sensuality, passion, confidence and reassurance, those in the know are wise to its power of attraction. {And there's a ticklish surprise in every box.}

Here at Jaye Niemi Australia, we enjoy the sweet tradition of gifting symbols of love for Valentine’s Day as much as the next romantic.  Yet I don’t think I’m alone in wanting to show those we care for that we love them all year around - through the way we communicate with each other, the way we laugh together, the way we show each other respect and accept all of the parts that come together to make the sum of us.

Little thoughtful gestures from the heart can be just as touching {or more} as the grandiose and majestic ones.  A handwritten note tucked into your sweetheart’s laptop case or pocket.  A message written on the bathroom mirror that reveals itself in the steam of the shower. {Hint from Cupid: “You forgot the milk again,” is not what we’re aiming for here.} Doing some of the chores you know they can’t stand doing if they’ve been having a bad day.  A scalp massage or foot rub if they collapse onto the sofa with a heavy sigh.  {Light up one of our Scented Candles or Aromatic Oils and you’ll both feel better.}

So, here’s to romance all year around.   That’s why we make The Seduction of Mark Antony all year around.   To love.

Unleash your scents of elegance …X

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