Feathers and the Chemistry of Romantic Scents February 07 2014

According to VOGUE LIVING Australia {Nov/Dec 2013} , feathers are trending across design  {from wallpapers to lamp shades} and fashion {the Dior VIII Grand Bal Plume watch just might take your breath away}.

This makes The Seduction of Mark Antony not just perfect for fanning the flames of romance on Valentine's Day {or any day ending in 'y'} but on trend as well with the surprise we tuck in with every one of its Aroma Reeds, Scented Candles and Boudoir Mists we send out.

Once you've gathered enough, you can create your own feathered artwork.  Lie them out symmetrically or toss them serendipitously and fix them where they fall.  Use acid-free glue to fasten onto a sheet of beautiful thick watercolour rag paper with a deckled edge, then frame it.

This dramatic combination of fuchsia and black is carried through to the packaging and was chosen to embody passion and love.  And it's also a nod to the rose petal essential oils that are a key ingredient in this sultry Jaye Niemi blend, inspiring feelings of sensuality and passion.  Woody notes of sandalwood and Madagascan vanilla bean intensify the sensuality, while cedarwood and myrrh bring out confidence.  Ylang ylang and cassia introduce a little heat and spice.  With all this chemistry going on, geranium, petitgrain {from leaves and green twigs of the bitter orange plant} and bergamot {also a citrus oil} are present to nourish the emotions.

And love is one of the greatest emotions of all.

Unleash your scents of elegance ...

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