Renew, Recycle, Revive February 28 2014

Here at Shop Jaye Niemi, when browing for quotes on recycling and the environment to accompany today's post, there was a recurring theme: by each of us doing all we can in our small, everyday actions to renew, recycle or revive, we really can change the world for the better. And no matter which side of the climate change fence you sit on, surely a cleaner planet with less landfill and pollution has to be a beautiful thing?

So, when your Jaye Niemi Aroma Reeds glass flacon is down to its last few drops, here are a couple of thoughts on extending its life {in addition to washing and placing in the recycling bin}.

When finished with your glass flacon, wash with warm soapy water and rinse.  Now you have a beautiful vase for a single stem of flowers or greenery from the garden {as photographed above} .  And for dinner parties, gather a collection over time and fill with individual stems of varying heights to dot along your dining table runner.  Or cluster them en masse in the centre with some natural-wax tealights in your wiped and washed out Jaye Niemi Scented Candle glass tumblers.

Our Aroma Reed timber caps were designed to be both practical and nature-inspired {the latter being a nod to the essential oils in our fragrance blends}. The hole is the optimal size to hold the supplied reeds snugly in place and allow minimal oxygen to enter the bottle, making for a long life.  And when you flip the reeds to refresh the fragrance and replace them in the flacon, if a drop or two of fragrance splashes onto the cap, it will absorb into the timber quickly and cleanly and will be diffused.  So while the specially-prepared reeds {from renewable fibres} will allow you to wick up the entire contents of your Aroma Reeds bottle, you might like to tap the last few drops onto the timber lid instead, then place it into a wardrobe or drawers for a fragrance lift when you open them.  To deter moths from your wardrobe, place several drops of our Lavender Mt Blanc, Valencia + Clary Sage Aromatic Oil onto the cap, then add a few drops of essential oil of cedar, lemongrass or cloves to increase the insect-repelling power. These will evaporate over time, so replenish as needed.

Please share your creative ideas on other ways for recycling, renewing or reviving your Aroma Reed empties with #unleashyourscentsJN and tag us @JayeNiemiAustralia ~ we'd love to see them.

Unleash your scents of elegance ... X

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