Countdown to our new Jaye Niemi Fragrance March 07 2014

When a new fragrance release is pending, it's very, very hard to keep the secret.  This one has been a long time in the crafting ~ so I keep reminding myself that discretion is the better part of valor when the temptation to spill the beans is on the cusp of flowing over.

I can tell you at it's heart lies a scent note that we've had countless requests for over the time.  And here at Shop Jaye Niemi and our Brisbane headquarters, we are all smitten with it, which actually surprised us because we have mixed preferences among our team for fragrance families.  If we knew why this one struck a common chord, we could bottle it ~ but the instinctive and unreasoning allure of one fragrance over another is part of its magic so we won't even try to apply logic.  Elegance leaves something to the imagination.

The clock is ticking down to launch date and I'll be leaving more clues as the ribbon draws closer to cutting.  If you haven't yet subscribed to our VIPs, please do. {See the box at the bottom of the page?  That's where you join us.} As a VIP, you'll be the first to find out all about this beautiful new Jaye Niemi interior perfume.  I can confirm it will join our Signature Range of fragrances so it will be available in the entire suite of products: Aroma Reeds, Scented Candles {100% botanical wax}, Room Mists and Aromatic Oils.  And it will be available directly from us and our beautiful stockists.

Meanwhile, a gentle prompt that we love seeing your Jaye Niemi products in action at home, so please continue to share your photos with us via Instagram.  Tag us on @JayeNiemiAustralia with #unleashyourscentsJN so that we don't miss any of them.  And you can always email your thoughts and photos to us on [email protected] .

Have a beautiful weekend.  Unleash your scents of elegance ... X

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