Coffee Beans for Olfactory Fatigue March 28 2014

When you're working and living with fragrances, olfactory fatigue comes with the territory. {Or as Science Buddies like to describe it, "When your sniffer snoozes ..."} Here at Jaye Niemi Australia, we are constantly pouring our fine fragrance/essential oil blends into botanical wax for Scented Candles, and into our Aroma Reed flacons and other luxury home fragrance lines.  So it's no surprise that we need to refresh our olfactory glands often.

And even at home, it's easy for this to happen.  Not just with scents you love, but with other smells.  It's the reason why you can smell your perfume when you first apply it but only get to enjoy it for a brief while afterwards.  It hasn't evaporated or worn off that fast ~ our noses just don't detect it as they've acclimatised to it.

Olfactory fatigue is a very handy phenomenon when we're caught waiting somewhere with eau de not-so-charming , but when you're around a fragrance you love or trying to choose between several and your nose no longer knows, just open a jar of coffee beans and inhale through your nose.  It really does work.  Apparently smelling lanolin ~ yes, from sheep ~ does the trick too, but call us crazy, we're happy to stay with the coffee beans.  And we're somewhat partial to drinking them, too.

If you want to be really serious about your scents, you could keep a few coffee beans in an attractive pill-box in your handbag.  It might raise some eyebrows, but when others can no longer tell lemon from sandalwood and don't know what to choose, guess whose beans they will want to borrow.

Until next time, unleash your scents of elegance ... X

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