Scents of a Mediterannean Garden April 04 2014

Fragrances transport us, which can be very handy if the cooler weather is making you long for a stroll in a warmer location.  Today, we'll talk about our Sweet Herbs range and how it can have you closing your eyes and wandering through a beautiful, aromatic garden in the Mediterranean.

This gorgeous blend of herbs and spices includes the essential oils of basil, lemon, nutmeg, benzoin and they help create the magic for your senses.

The scent journey they lead you on starts with florals and sweet vanilla.  Soon, you'll start to catch the basil, lemon and nutmeg, before being led to a soft, woody and mossy base.

Whether you love cooking or prefer to focus on eating, you'll know how familiar basil is as an ingredient in food from the Mediterranean, so it was an obvious inclusion for this Jaye Niemi home fragrance.  Basil was named after the Greek word “basilikos”, because the Greeks considered basil the king of herbs. The essential oil is known to be invigorating and excellent for mental fatigue.

Essential oil of lemon could have you thinking of limoncello, a lemon liqueur produced mainly in southern Italy.  And nutmeg essential oil adds a sweet, warm spiciness that's both comforting and energising.  With their notes from an aromatic garden, the Aroma Reeds , Scented Candles , Room Mists and Aromatic Oils we hand-pour using this Sweet Herbs fragrance make a beautiful choice for your friends and loved ones with green thumbs.  And it's popular with both men and women, so makes a great all-rounder, too.

Enjoy your stroll, and unleash your scents of elegance ... X

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