Five Things You've Wondered About Aroma Reeds {And Never Asked} May 06 2014

Here at Jaye Niemi Australia, we've been creating scents of elegance since 2004.  Ten years and counting {and it's already six months since the launch of our online store Shop Jaye Niemi }.

We've been flipping Aroma Reeds, spritzing Room Mists, lighting up our botanical Scented Candles and burning Aromatic Oils ~ at work and at home ~ for a long time now.  And because we're so familiar with them, we sometimes forget that you might not be as familiar with their nuances.

So today, we're answering the five most common questions we're asked about our Aroma Reeds .

1. How do they work?

The prepared reeds are made from highly absorbent renewable timbers and fibres.  When you flip the reeds over, the fragrance at eau de toilette concentration is exposed and released into the air.  This unleashes our scents of elegance into your room.  The reeds also 'wick' the fragrance, drawing it up into their core ~ and this helps to sustain the scent release.

2. Why do I have to flip the reeds?

Over time, the fragrance evaporates from the surface of the Aroma Reeds.  While the reeds act as wicks, the scent throw from the wicking is more subtle than the scent throw from the surface of the reeds.  As the surface fragrance on the reeds evaporates, the scent throw dwindles and needs to be refreshed by exposing the saturated ends of the reeds to the air.

3. Some of the fragrances smell stronger than others.  Can I control the amount of fragrance being diffused?

True ~ some of our Jaye Niemi interior fragrance blends are stronger than others because of their scent notes.  Tuberose + Sandalwood is headier than one with lots of lighter fresh scent notes, like Grapefruit + Jojoba.  For less scent throw, flip just two or three reeds and see if that is the right balance for your nose.  For less or more, just experiment with the number of reeds you flip.

4.  How often should I flip my reeds?

There's no right or wrong answer to this one.  Flip as often as you like depending on your own preference for how strong a scent throw you like, and how quickly the surface fragrance evaporates.  If your Aroma Reeds are located in a sunny position, the fragrance will evaporate faster.  Likewise, air-conditioning, more breeze and airflow will hasten the evaporation process.  And in a larger room, there is a bigger area for the scent to cover, so more frequent flipping might be needed to help the scent carry further. And if you tend to forget about them ~ flipping your Aroma Reeds every time you clean is a handy way to remind yourself.

5.  I could smell the fragrance easily at first, but now I don't seem to notice it ~ and there's still plenty of fragrance in the bottle.  What's happening?

Our noses can become accustomed to scents thanks to olfactory fatigue. If you suspect that's happening for you, try switching your Aroma Reeds to different areas of your home and see if you notice the difference.

If something about our Aroma Reed diffusers is still baffling you, please click here to ask us on our contact page.  We'd love to help.

Until next time ~ unleash your scents of elegance ... X

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