Spritz your Space Saturdays for Scented Memories June 03 2014

Fragrances are beautiful for setting moods and triggering memories. Scents and people, occasions and locations become inextricably linked with each other.  When the original iconic Shingle Inn {built in 1936 in Edward St here in Brisbane} was dismantled to make room for the Queens Plaza development in 2002, one of the most common regrets expressed by people was losing the place where they had such fond memories of eating patty cakes and drinking tea poured from grand silver teapots while talking with their mother, aunt and grandmother. Even today, if they smelled the perfume she wore at the time, chances are they would be transported back to morning tea at the Shingle Inn no matter how long ago ~ such is the power of fragrance.

Your Saturday mornings mark the beginning of another beautiful weekend ~ a time to enjoy the simple pleasures of being at home, nesting with loved ones.  So I urge you to start a new tradition.  Choose one of your favourite Jaye Niemi Room Mist fragrances and make it your Saturday morning ritual to spritz your space as a way of setting the mood and creating scent memories of comfort, love and sanctuary.

Our Room Mists are created with a special process that wraps the molecules for a longer lasting scent-throw without being overpowering.  As the fragrance is freed the full scent is detected – from the delicate light top notes through to those wonderful weighty base notes.

Beautiful Jaye Niemi home fragrances for energising and enlivening all year around are Living Verbena, Grapefruit + Jojoba and Sweet Herbs . These are also lovely all-rounders if you're expecting company, whether male or female, being more citrus or green than floral but still with soft, sweet notes.

Before long, whenever you spray your chosen Signature Saturday Spritz, it will bring about that weekend feel instantly.  So much so that if you travel a lot and pack it in your luggage {in double zip lock bags to be safe, though if it was to leak, the contents of your luggage would smell divine...}, it will comfort you with memories of home when you spritz whatever space you're in.

As the weekend often involves folding and putting freshly washed towels and sheets away, Spritzing Saturdays are also a great way to imbue your home linen with an elegant scent. Rather than using harsh laundry liquids and powders with overwhelming commercial fragrance - too harsh for delicate noses - use a scent-free natural laundry detergent.  Then spray your favourite essential-oil infused Jaye Niemi Room Mist in the air above your linen and allow it to settle on the fabrics before folding and putting them away. Lavender Mt Blanc, Valencia + Clary Sage is especially lovely for this. Everyone will feel pampered and relaxed when they towel off after showering or slide into bed between fresh sheets.

Our Room Mists are perfect for an instant burst of home perfume any time, so we aren't suggesting you save them for Saturdays alone ~ on the contrary, we believe fragrancing your home is something that makes the everyday special ~ and just one Room Mist will cost around the same as a small armful of fresh flowers but will last for months.  But with Spritzing your Space Saturdays, you'll create a ritual to help you let go of the cares of the working week, feel treasured, and unwind.

Have a beautiful time creating new scent memories this weekend ~ and unleash your scents of elegance ... X

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