Elegant Ways to Stay Cosy and Chic at Home June 27 2014

Is a drop in the mercury a challenge for you?

If you're an elegant Jaye Niemi soul who feels the cold, you might ask yourself the same question I do when a chill wind blows: how do you stay snug yet chic?

How do you keep the frostbite at bay without being at risk of adding kilos you don't have or looking like you're wearing your doona?

Snuggle up with Scarves

Wearing scarves is a trademark of the French, but not just for the sake of being fashionable.  {I'm not sure if anyone has checked to see if it's wired into their DNA.}  No, the French are firm believers that wearing a scarf is mandatory for warding off dreaded colds.  Aside from this very real benefit ~ since I've been wearing scarves in winter, I've not had a cold or flu ~ they do make your neck, throat and chest feel protected and snug.  And whether summer or winter, here are four gorgeous ways to tie your scarf and fit in like a native Parisian , thanks to Sylvia Sabes of Girls Guide to Paris.

There are plenty of people who love having many scarves in a variety of colours and prints.  As for me, I found myself gravitating to the same couple over and over again ~ both of them neutral, soft and fine ~ so I donated the others and freed up some wardrobe space.  Much like elegant neutral interiors, I don't use my scarves as eye-catching accessories but rather a way of adding another layer or dimension ~ a different texture to add warmth and interest.  And by choosing soft, fine fabrics, you can wrap the scarf over your head as well when the breeze is really biting. If you don't feel like caps and hats suit you, try softly wrapping your scarf à la Audrey Hepburn ~ you might love it.

Lose the Bulk with Layers

Chunky knits look gorgeous over merino leggings or slim/skinny jeans.  But what to do when a chunky knit isn't enough? Often they aren't as warm as you expect them to be. Finely woven layers of natural fibres like silk and wool are a godsend.  I used to resist thermals, filled with visions of utilitarian undergarments from my childhood days ~ then I discovered 'thermal' and 'fashionable' are not longer mutually exclusive.  Aside from clothes labelled as 'thermal', look for pullovers and tank tops made from finely woven merino.  I have plenty of these in neutrals that all work together, and you can trap your body heat in each of several light layers under a chunky knit without adding kilos.

Light up your Jaye Niemi Scented Candles

Gazing into the dancing flame of your favourite Jaye Niemi Scented Candle will do wonders for making you feel warmer and cosier.  My favourites for winter?  I'm always drawn to our fragrances with plenty of woodsy notes at this time of year. Precious Woods + Vetiver and our new Café Noir + Turkish Rose are in permanent rotation on my candle playlist at the moment.  And if you love Tuberose + Sandalwood but find it a touch strong for your nose in summer, winter is when it really comes into its own.

Next post, we'll take a look at ways of translating these across to cosying up your interiors for winter.

In the meantime, stay snug and unleash your scents of elegance ... X

Image credit ::: rareaudreyhepburn

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