Winter Accessorising for your Home July 04 2014

After an autumn that was more like the best summer ever, winter is in full swing and we're finally feeling it.

Brisbane might have warm winters compared to many, but often we're shivering more than our southern counterparts thanks to our summer-friendly architecture. {If you live in a Queenslander, I'm not telling you anything new.} High ceilings, polished timber floors and breezy verandahs are a blessing when the humidity is off the charts, but when the westerlies are sailing through?  It's a different story.

Our gorgeous clean-burning Jaye Niemi Scented Candles certainly make things feel much more snug without pumping petrochemical fumes into the air.  With their cotton wicks and molten 100% botanical wax pools gently warming the essential oils in our fine perfume blends, you'll be basking in a cosy glow of wellbeing.  And winter is great snuggling weather ~ all the better for lighting romance and turning up the heat while keeping the wattage low.  { The Seduction of Mark Antony was tailor-made for this, with its alchemy of essential oils known for evoking sensuality, passion, confidence and reassurance.}

Other ways to add cosiness to your interiors is to take the layering concepts we talked about last week for your wardrobe elegance and translate them to your home.

Throw Rugs

Think of throw rugs as scarves for your sofa and chairs.  You might choose eye-catching splashes from the warm side of the colour palette ~ reds, oranges and yellows.  In colour therapy, red is thought to stimulate circulation and combat tiredness and lethargy.  Orange is fun, sociable and energising ~ and yellow is cheery and positive.  If you feel more comfortable with neutrals, go for as much texture as you can: nubby fabrics, large cable knits and soft, fluffy chenilles.  Dress your bed with them as well.  Toss flokati or sheepskin rugs over chairs and if you have a home office, this makes an easy instant makeover for your office chair.

Switch to Warm Light

Thankfully, low energy bulbs have advanced a long way since their early days.  Look for bulbs that cast warm tones, not cold ones. The packaging should tell you. A golden glow is much more welcoming than an icy white one.  We can get used to looking at things, so do a 'warmth' scan throughout your home in case you still have some lights that aren't as cosy as they could be.

Over-Cushion {if there's any such thing}

If you prefer the minimal look and feel when it comes to scatter cushions, you might want to soften your stand during the cold months.  The comfort power of nestling into a cocoon of soft, plump, feather and down scatter cushions when the winds are howling is not to be lightly underestimated.  Invest in quality inners and visit an interior designer/decorator or soft furnishings manufacturer and have an alternate set of cushion covers made for the cold months. Again, seek out warming textures like knits, sheepskin and velvet.

Remember to pull the curtains and close your blinds as the sun goes down to prevent heat loss through the glass - and it helps you forget about the outside world for a while, too.

Unleash your scents of elegance ... X

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