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"They light up by day and burn hot at night. Of the entire citrus family – including the orange, mandarin and grapefruit trees – the lemon tree (especially the lemon blossom) best captures the magic of their fresh scent." Serge Lutens

This poetic quote by French photographer, filmmaker, hair stylist, perfume art-director, fashion designer and dreamer - Serge Lutens - is a beautiful way of looking on the humble lemon.

In aromatherapy, citrus oils are well known for their cheering qualities.  They are mood lifters and if you want a burst of happiness, reach for any one of the citrus scents and you can't go wrong.

Being dedicated to fragrance quality above all else here at Jaye Niemi Australia, essential oils are core ingredients in our home perfumes.  Modern perfumery has developed scent notes not found in nature and provides stability and consistency ~ but we also feel it's important and valuable to include scents distilled from nature to impart a bespoke quality, a respectful nod to planet earth, and something genuinely unique to Jaye Niemi.

Creating uplifting feelings is a scent experience we are dedicated to providing for the Jaye Niemi woman and man, so it's no surprise to find lemon and other citrus essential oils in many of our gorgeous interior fragrances.  Here's a quick cheat sheet on our fragrances with citrus essential oils in their alchemy of scent notes:

  • Ginger Lily + Water Fruits {floral oriental} ::: lemon, white grapefruit, petitgrain
  • Living Verbena {fresh aromatic} ::: lemon, sweet orange, lime
  • Lavender Mt Blanc, Valencia + Clary Sage {aromatic} ::: valencia orange, bergamot
  • Sweet Herbs {soft floral aromatic } ::: lemon
  • Grapefruit + Jojoba {fruity woods} ::: grapefruit
  • J Baby Nursery {fresh aromatic} ::: bergamot, mandarin, orange
  • The Seduction of Mark Antony {floral oriental} ::: petitgrain, bergamot
  • THINK 9 {fresh aromatic } ::: lemon, bergamot

Most of us have heard of petitgrain and bergamot but some are surprised to discover they are in the citrus family.

Petitgrain essential oil is steam distilled from the leaves, twigs and/or branches of the same botanical species as neroli and bitter, but neroli is distilled from the blossoms and orange is typically cold pressed from the rinds of the fruits.  It has a fresh, woody aroma ~ less floral and citrusy than its sisters.

Bergamot fruit is similar in size to an orange but closer to lemons in colour.  If you can close your eyes and bring Eau de Cologne to mind, you might imagine this note, as bergamot is a major component of the original Eau de Cologne composed by Farina at the beginning of 18th century Germany. And bergamot is responsible for the distinctive aroma of Earl Grey tea.

And on the subject of tea and flavours, being winter here in Australia, Serge Lutens' talk of lemons burning hot at night has me thinking of comfort food.  There's a reason why Lemon Delicious puddings never really fall out of fashion.

If you're dreaming of one right now as I am, Donna Hay has a Citrus Delicious recipe here that requires no beating, just a food processor.

You can have it in the oven within about five minutes then curl up with your favourite Jaye Niemi Scented Candle and a good book for an hour while the oven does the rest.  Sounds like my idea of a blissful night in.

Unleash your scents of elegance ... X

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