Love and the Art of Snail Mail July 17 2014

To make an impression in the most elegant of ways, send a handwritten card.

If you told someone fifty years ago that this one action ~ something so common and everyday at the time ~ would nowadays become a rare pleasure to give and receive, they wouldn't have believed it.

But while the quick and easy convenience of technology makes it tempting and practical to send an email or eCard, its somewhat impersonal nature has done snail mail a favour of sorts and elevated the sending of handwritten notes and cards into an art form.

And a special tip for the gentlemen ~ if ever there was a way to take romance up a notch, putting pen to paper with something short and sweet ~ even a funny quote ~ will woo the light of your life in a way a text or email can only dream of doing.

Here are a few ways to include an unwritten message of elegance along with your heartfelt thoughts, whether you're sending a Thank You note to a dear friend or wanting to melt someone into your arms.

Personalised Stationery

What is your signature style?  Your stationery should sing who you are.  Or whisper, if you're the quieter type.  Jaye Niemi's signature style is tasteful, elegant and refined, like our luxury interior fragrances.  Thick white card, charcoal monogram and keyline letterpressed in small runs by hand.  Matching white envelope with a silver and charcoal striped liner ~ for something chic but a little unpredictable.  How about yours?  Dream it up and have it made.  If you're stumped for inspiration, look for one of the smaller custom stationery artisans who will help you design something bespoke and special. Some beautiful work is being done at The Distillery , Bespoke Letterpress and Paper Elephant .  And Etsy is home to a number of talented letterpress and custom stationery designers.

Seal Your Affection

Yes, you can pick up packets of adhesive seals and there are some rather lovely ones available.  You can take it up a notch by ordering customised adhesive wax seals.  But to really make an impression, we say, "Go old school!" Authentic wax seals are amazing, made by melting a wax stick over the back of your envelope then pressing your debossed wax seal into it.  You can have your own seal made ~ a monogram of your initials ~ or opt for a symbol you love and make that your trademark.

Convey Your Scents of Elegance

Our Jaye Niemi Room Mists have many uses around the home .  Rather than spraying directly onto fabrics, spritz them into the air and allow the specially-wrapped molecules to disperse and settle over whatever is in their path.  The same applies to scenting your stationery ~ when you've finished writing your card and envelope, spritz the air and wave your stationery through the gorgeous perfumed cloud.

Enjoy putting together your signature correspondence.  And for the sake of yin and yang, we'll leave you today with this valuable advice from Edward Bulwer Lytton. "If you are in doubt whether to write a letter or not, don't.  And the advice applies to many doubts in life besides that of letter writing."

Unleash your scents of elegance ... X

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