Black and Red: Fragrance Matching by Colours July 25 2014

Black and red.  Bold and striking.  Yin and yang.

Black is still and quiet.  Black makes things recede ~ one of the reasons it's thought of as slimming ~ and this applies to interiors as well as wardrobe choices.  If you could see the same room side by side with a black sofa versus a white sofa, the difference it makes to the sense of space is quite amazing.

If you want to be unobtrusive and blend into the background, black is a go-to choice.

But add red ~ even just a splash of lipstick ~ and the game changes dramatically.

I thought it would be fun today to match up this combination with a fragrance from our gorgeous range of luxury scents for the home.  If you're fond of wearing this particular combination or designing your home around it, this one's for you.  And my role model and inspiration for today's choice is Australian racing driver Renee Gracie.

Renee is the first woman to race in the Porsche Carrera Cup Australia ~ and we're so proud of her.  Renee was part of team Jaye Niemi until her racing commitments took a sharp upward turn and nowadays, we miss her strong and vibrant nature around Jaye Niemi HQ.  But we're in wonderful company with the rest of her corporate sponsors.

Renee's Porsche colours last year were black and pink, which perfectly matched The Seduction of Mark Antony packaging.  I quietly shed a little tear when her Porsche for 2014 was unveiled in black and red, but there's no doubt it's a dramatic combination and one that suits her beautifully.

So my choice for Renee and the Jaye Niemi woman who loves dressing in black and red: Tuberose + Sandalwood .

Our 'biggest' scent by far, this spectacular beauty fills the room with its presence.  It is deep, sultry, voluptuous ~ and absolutely intoxicating.

Leaving nothing in doubt, Tuberose + Sandalwood is not for the fainthearted. {Nor is driving a Porsche around a race track at breathless speeds.} Heady notes of neroli and jasmine introduce the hero of this fragrance, tuberose. Swathed in sandalwood and touched by a vanilla pod, its base notes offer a comforting romantic undertone to this exotic scent.

The essential oils enveloped within Tuberose + Sandalwood are sandalwood, ylang ylang, celery seed, vanilla and tuberose absolute.

If you love black and red, you're a woman who knows her mind and likes taking action.  So you'll find all of our Tuberose + Sandalwood home fragrance products by clicking here .   Enjoy.

Unleash your scents of elegance ... X

Fashion image via Pinterest.

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