Limelight for Leos: Your Jaye Niemi Fragrance Match August 01 2014

If you have a Leo in your life, you'll be well aware of their birthday ~ as there's a very good chance they are having a party ~ one that will be memorable, extravagant and larger than life.

Born between July 23rd and August 22nd, Leos love being Queens and Kings of the big stage and if they aren't professionally doing so, they will find a way of being in the spotlight no matter what they are doing.

If you're not sure how to take a Leo, remember they are the lions of the world: fierce, faithful and glorious.

If you are in their trusted circle, they will do all in their power to protect you and the rest of their pride. If you try to handle or control them, you're in dangerous territory.  Born leaders and highly ambitious, it's far better to play to their strengths and show them respect, as when they are at their best and doing what they are passionate about, they are unstoppable. When it comes to their passions ~ both in love and career ~ they are highly dependable to see things through.  But don't waste their talents and time with mundane tasks or you'll have a growling and discontented lion on your hands.

Leos love having fun and entertaining others.  In a crowded room, they are the magnetic and charming ones at the centre of a group of adoring admirers.

Famous Leos include Halle Berry, Jennifer Lopez, Audrey Tautou, Sandra Bullock and our gorgeous Australian heartthrobs: Chris Hemsworth, Eric Bana and Simon Baker.

When it comes to choosing a Jaye Niemi luxury home fragrance for your Leo ~ and it's a beautiful choice of gift, as they enjoy pampering themselves with the nicer things in life ~ these glamorous lions are most likely to love our exotic fragrances with an abundance of woodsy notes: Tuberose + Sandalwood and Precious Woods + Vetiver .

Tuberose + Sandalwood is our larger than life fragrance: intoxicating and not for the fainthearted. Having a Leo in your life can be a touch exhausting at times unless you're a fellow fire sign ~ Aries and Sagittarius ~ but it's a majestic and entertaining ride to be on. Heady notes of neroli and jasmine introduce the hero of this fragrance, tuberose. Swathed in sandalwood and touched by a vanilla pod, its base notes offer a comforting romantic undertone to this exotic scent.

Precious Woods + Vetiver would be my choice for your Leo's more reflective moments, when they need to retreat, regroup and lick their wounds {beneath that fierce exterior is a very soft heart and often misjudged}.  With a heart of midnight jasmine, clover and narcissus is lifted by spicy coriander seeds and delicate orange blossom petals, sinking down into exotic essential oils of cedarwood and sandalwood for a warm and meditative base.

Our Signature fragrances comes in classically elegant white packaging, ideal for wrapping in whatever gorgeous way best suits the recipient.  My recommendation for gift-wrapping for your Leo: leopard print, gold and big lavish ribbons. And lots of playful love.

Unleash your scents of elegance ... X

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