Hot Chocolate Fashion and Fragrance Pairing August 08 2014

To my way of thinking, chocolate is always in fashion ~ both the dark-chocolate-high-in-antioxidant-flavonoids kind, and the dressing-you-and-your-interiors kind.

Soft creamy white and gold are two of my favourite colours and if we're on the same page, you know full well how beautifully chocolate in its many different hues and tones matches up with them.

This month's edition of InStyle Magazine {Australia} praises chocolate for being 'every bit as rich as deep jewel tones and a decadent, more flattering alternative to black.'

I beg to respectfully differ just a tad, as to my eye, I'd say it's not necessarily more flattering than black. I feel it depends on your hair and skin tones ~ but if you've always reached for black on auto-pilot, I urge you to try on browns in varying shades and take a black scarf with you.  Hold up the black scarf below your face and observe: do you look fresh and well-rested?  Take the scarf away and look at your face again while wearing brown.  Now how do you look?  It will either reassure your choices up until now or could give you a whole new outlook to consider.

Gorgeous all year around, brown can be more elusive to track down in summer than winter, so I highly recommend being on the lookout now for beautiful browns in as many staples as you can, especially transeasonal garments and accessories that can see you through most of the year.  And at this time of year, keep your best eagle catseye on the winter sales.  Brown is often overlooked for black so you might find some lovely treasures waiting for you.

  • Classic straight leg, slim leg and cigar pants
  • Lightweight and soft leather jacket
  • Merino and silk knits that feel amazing on your skin, are breathable and comfortable on warmish days, or layer with a merino tank, scarf and jacket on the chilliest ones
  • Pencil skirt
  • Spectacular bag with gold hardwear
  • Classic stiletto pumps: one pair each of leather and suede ~ and one in patent leather for good luck

For home, if you love chocolate brown and want to give it more life without taking it too far away from the classically elegant path and heading into 70s territory, what you team with it makes all the difference in keeping the look both timeless and now.

Combine it with white/ivory/cream, soft aqua and gold and watch what happens. And if you want to take it up a notch, add these colours in passementerie trimmings to your chocolate throw rug and cushions, and switch the buttons on your deep brown tufted sofa, bedhead or chair for ones in these colours.

And when it comes to a Jaye Niemi luxury home fragrance match for this look and feel, the first that springs to my mind is our contemporary classic Vanilla Orchid . Creating an oasis of peaceful luxury, Vanilla Orchid is warm, pure and irresistible. It is built on a harmony of rich coconut, orchid, aniseed and sweet components of creamy vanilla, sandalwood and sticky caramel ~ then enhanced with essential oil of guaiacwood.

Winter will be gone before we know it, so let's make the most of this beautiful scented candle weather while it's here. I'm suddenly inspired to put Vanilla Orchid on tonight's Jaye Niemi Scented Candle playlist.  How about you?

Unleash your scents of elegance ... X

Photo features InStyle Magazine {Australia} August 2014 edition

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