Sweet Smelling Nurseries September 16 2014

The recent news of Prince William and Kate, Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, expecting their second child has understandably inspired much cluckiness and a general vibe of joviality.

Their baby is due in the Spring ~ which seems such a lovely season for newborns, being a time of new growth and beginnings in nature.

The royal couple aren't likely to opt for Vernon {meaning 'spring'} in the case of a boy, given the range of traditional princely names available to them. But if Prince George's sibling is a girl, perhaps there's a chance they will settle on one of the many pretty flower names available, like Daisy, Primrose or Poppy.  And while it's an uncommon bloom, I can't help but wonder if Diantha might be in the mix. Could be a lovely notion.

If you're dressing your own nursery at the moment or know someone who is, we have something beautiful to create a soothing ambience for little ones.

Our J Baby Nursery range is crafted from gentle essential oils traditionally known for calming and quieting: lavender Mt Blanc, rose geranium and precious roman chamomile.  Sweet citrus notes of bergamot, mandarin and orange instil happiness {you can read more about that HERE } and the ancient essential oil of frankincense from an aromatic resin amplifies the positive feelings evoked by this very lovely blend.  Flipping your J Baby Nursery Aroma Reeds when needed will provide a constant, low-maintenance solution.

J Baby is very practical, too, as it helps to banish unwanted odours {no need to elaborate, I'm sure} and the Nursery Mist is an especially handy way to give a burst of freshness whenever needed.  The fragrance also creates a memory imprint and the comforting feelings of the nursery's cocoon can be carried with you by keeping a Nursery Mist in your diaper change bag for a light spritz in the air nearby.

Hand-poured into a frosted glass jar for diffused light, our J Baby Nursery Candle imbues a gorgeous ambience. As with all of our Jaye Niemi Australia Scented Candles, its 100% botanical wax from renewable eco-safe sources burns clean, at a lower temperature and throws the delicate scent beautifully. And as with all candles, the usual safety precautions apply.

Who knows, if you have a baby shower coming up soon, I think we might have just found you the perfect gift to take along.

To simple yet beautiful pleasures ... X

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