Scented Gifting for Libran Loved Ones October 02 2014

Being a romantic soul myself, I can't help feeling a little star sign envy towards Librans.

Ruled by Venus, the planet of love, those born under this sign {24 September to 23 October} are sociable, charming and gracious.  Elegant, tasteful ~ and appreciative of the finer things.

And what inspires them most of all?  They dream of finding their soulmate. Once they find 'the one', a deep sense of contentment and peace settles in, and they can throw themselves more effortlessly into the other aspects of daily life.

If you have a Libran in your life, they will be the diplomats of the home, with their innate sense of balance and ability to see all viewpoints.

If anything, this contributes to their reputation for being indecisive at times.  Not wanting to seem biased, they can want to keep everyone on side in order to keep their approval. They will benefit from looking inwards and relying on their own experiences to make decisions ~ then honour themselves by sticking with them.  Librans are thinkers and love using their mind to find their way through things.

Genuine 'people-people', Librans are natural charmers and wonderful communicators who connect easily with people and network effortlessly because they honestly adore socialising and partying.

Comfortable in the space of art, tranquillity and sharing, a luxurious home fragrance product like the ones we create here at Jaye Niemi Australia will help those born under this sign create ambience and beauty in their surroundings.  Fragrance is a major weakness for Libran women ~ so quite likely men as well.

Male or female, here are my picks for spoiling the Libran in your life:

  • The Seduction of Mark Antony {to help find and woo their soul mate}
  • {a soft, balancing scent with universal appeal and excellent for social gatherings}
  • THINK 9 {to provide the perfumed equivalent of 'thinking music' when they are reflecting on something important to them}

And they will appreciate thoughtful wrapping ~ with these romantic souls, a little extra TLC will always be noticed.

To simple yet beautiful pleasures ... X

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