Tender Loving Hand Care October 15 2014

Hands are front and centre around the world on 15th October 2014 in recognition of .

Did you know diarrheal & acute respiratory infections cause the majority of child deaths in developing countries?

And be it ever so humble, handwashing with soap is one of the most inexpensive and simple ways of preventing these infections and saving the lives of millions of children.  {To learn more, please head on over to the .}

Closer to home where handwashing is the norm, not a luxury, we have a first world problem instead: dry hands from overwashing with harsh hand cleaners and antibacterial washes. Writing this reminds me of one of my favourite quotes: For problems such as this we should pray.

Nonetheless, dry chapped hands can lead to other more significant challenges if severe, and can usually be headed off at the pass with just a small amount of daily prevention.

Start with a gentle hand cleanser

There's plenty of press nowadays on harmful ingredients in cosmetics and personal care products, so if you haven't yet started reading labels, it's a worthwhile exercise.  Our very own Jaye Niemi Argan Oil + Ylang Ylang bath and body range includes gorgeous certified organic ingredients and is free of 'the nasties', with NO animal testing or derivatives, sulfates, parabens, synthetic fragrances or colours, mineral oils, TEA, DEA, PEGs, glycols, silicones.

Our Argan Oil + Ylang Ylang Body Wash can be used as a beautiful soft and gentle hand gel.  It comes in a practical white satiny-finish tube which can be kept standing upright by the side of your sink. Being a lavish blend of proven sustainable botanical ingredients including cold-crushed Argan oil, its high levels of vitamin E and essential fatty acids will help keep your hands softer, even after frequent washing.

Follow up with a hydrating, nurturing hand creme

Our Argan Oil + Ylang Ylang Hand Creme is a permanent resident in my handbag and next to the bathroom sinks.  {Before I go to bed, I like to apply our Body Creme to my heels, elbows and hands so it can go to work while I sleep.}    If you follow our Instagram feed {please do ~ we'd love to keep in touch with you there}, you'll know my regular latte stop always doubles as TLC time for my hands ~ either waiting in line or when settled in a nook somewhere if I'm able to squeeze in a quick breather with a favourite interiors or fashion magazine.  If you haven't yet tried this, I promise it's a really easy habit to get into and in no time at all, soft hands will be your status quo.

And when you're a card-carrying romantic, holding hands is something you always want to be ready for.

To simple yet beautiful pleasures ... X

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