Introducing Christmas 2014 Jaye Niemi Limited Edition Scented Candles October 29 2014

For the first time in our ten years of creating iconic luxury home fragrance products, we are taking your scent journeys on a sleigh ride.

Firstly, we'll wrap your knees with the softest merino rug and whisk you high over the tops of snow-covered pine trees in the crisp night air while we ply you with treats of candy canes and plump, sweet cherries.

As we near the glowing ski lodge, you close your eyes and inhale. Where is that deliciousness coming from?  It's warm toffee simmering on the stove amid laden trays of spiced festive fruits, their fragrances mingling and escaping from the chimney into the starlit sky and bringing a sense of tradition, home and hearth.

Your sleigh lands and a tuxedo-clad valet takes your hand and gently helps you alight.  Lightly touching your elbow, he ushers you into the cosy surrounds where you're enveloped in the welcoming arms of warm drifts of spiced gingerbread and oranges studded with cloves for comfort and joy.

"Please," says your valet as he looks into your eyes with a twinkling smile and gestures towards the salon basked in the soft flickering light of Jaye Niemi Scented Candles and an open fire, logs crackling. "Put up your beautiful feet and indulge in freshly roasted chestnuts and figgy pudding while I pour you a snifter of brandy..."

Our gorgeous limited edition range of Scented Candles will add a beautiful touch of magic to your celebrations and create an embracing holiday mood.  And they are available now.

Being a boutique interior fragrance company with a smaller, more rarified offering of home scents, our festive season Scented Candles are as special and distinctive as the other fragrances in our range.

They will be lighting up plenty of social occasions as well as bringing simple everyday pleasures, so we chose to turn up their scent wattage versus our Signature and Specialty lines ~ but with the nuance and complexity you know to count on with our bespoke blends of fine perfume and essential oils.  After months of development and testing ~ and many passionate discussions over freshly-roasted coffee beans to refresh our olfactory senses ~ we had a hard time narrowing down our short list of favourites in the end. So we gave up trying.

We're delighted to offer you not one, but four Limited Edition Jaye Niemi Scented Candles. Each one comes with a silver embossed lid to snuff the flame safely and protect the wax as it sets. Each one gives you 50 hours of pure illumination thanks to our gorgeous botanical wax blend infused with essential oil-enhanced perfume.  Strike a match and when your candle flickers into life, its molten warmth will become an indelible part of your festive memories for years to come.

scent notes: tobacco leaf, chestnut, rum, raisin, cognac, oak and fig

scent notes: black cherry, wild blackberries, peppermint, pine and frankincense

scent notes: sweet orange, mandarin, ginger, cardamom and clove

scent notes: brown sugar, muscatel, nutmeg, cinnamon, tolu and orange

Just as we found it too hard to choose, you could have the same challenge ~ so why resist?  We hope you'll love them all.

To simple yet beautiful pleasures ... X

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