Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh: the Fragrance Trail November 28 2014

Growing up, many of us heard the story of the three wise men carrying gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh to newborn Jesus in his manger.  Gold, I understood. But to my young ears, it sounded like he was shortchanged with the frankincense and myrrh, of which I had no clue.  I didn't even know what they were, let alone their value.  Clearly, though, the magi knew what they were doing ~ and when I started learning about essential oils and perfume, I finally understood how wise they truly were.

The raw materials from which essential oils of frankincense and myrrh are distilled are not leaves, twigs or bark, but aromatic gun resins harvested from the trees.  Myrrh comes from Somalia and Yemen, and frankincense is harvested {with some peril} from trees in adjacent Oman on the Arabian Peninsula.  While not far by plane from the glitteringly opulent consumerist highs of Dubai, the glitzy glam has so far only had limited reach in Oman with its designer label-clad arm. {It's only a question of time.}

Incense burners send smoky white drifts of frankincense scent into the air throughout the city, from markets to hotels to homes.  Considered to 'heal everything from gout to a broken head' in ancient times, and given its relative difficulty of sourcing and limited supply, no wonder it is considered a precious commodity.  The resin's crystalline appearance is like an exotic kind of rock sugar, which you can eat by the way. Symbolic of spirituality, along with its history as a traditional remedy, frankincense is being studied for its effects on cancer and inflammatory ails.  Myrrh is known for other properties, from anointing to embalming ceremonies to curing upset tummies.

These Jaye Niemi interior fragrances will imbue your Christmas scenting around the home with the symbolism of these notes:

Essential oil of frankincense

Essential oil of myrrh

And wouldn't gold-ribboned packaging would be a lovely touch when choosing these as gifts ... and perhaps even a star.

To simple yet beautiful pleasures ... X

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