Aroma Reeds - Intense Honeysuckle + Toffee


The heat dripped languidly off the pink honeysuckle, a shimmer of hummingbirds growing drunk on its nectar. They descended lazily, their landing softened by a hallucination of patchouli flowers, laden with violet and toffee liqueur. They sipped some more.

Think exotic.  Intriguing.  Sultry nights and sidelong glances. Choose your fragrance journey and write your own story.  The INTENSE range is created with our customary proprietary blends of essential oils and fine fragrance, but with a smaller flacon and deeper intensity than our other ranges.

KEY SCENT NOTES:  pink honeysuckle, violet, patchouli flower, amber, toffee, incense

200mL textured glass flacon, reeds from renewable timbers and fibres

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