Room Mists

While designed to banish unwanted odours, our Room Mists offer an uncomplicated, wonderful fragrance burst to enliven your space and add a simple pleasure to your life. Simply mist into the air allowing the fragrance to settle over fabrics and carpets. The occasions are endless but the moment is now.

During manufacture, we wrap our fragrances in a fixative and allow a type of fusion to occur. The fixative acts to trap the aroma molecules, releasing them slowly, ensuring a longer lasting scent-throw without being overpowering.  So as the fragrance is freed the full scent is detected – from the delicate light top notes through to those wonderful weighty base notes.

Created using the finest ingredients, our exclusive formula results in a delicious yet delicate, unobtrusive aroma that softly lingers in your chosen space for a surprisingly long time.  Our tips for fragrancing your everyday living:

  • Instantly dispel unwanted odours and freshen musty spaces
  • Enliven a room ready for conversation or simply be transported to a wonderful place
  • Mist your space to invigorate the mind and find inspiration
  • Spritz bed linen for sensuality or to prepare for deep slumber
  • Atomise the room to cleanse the air after a dinner party