Scented Candle - The Seduction Of Mark Antony


A sensual blend of some of the most exotic + luxurious essential oils available, deliciously combined to influence the mind toward romance.

Orange blossom, bergamot, ylang ylang and cassia launch this seductive scent. Heady floral notes of rose maroc become the lingering heart, leading luxuriously to a base of smooth white cedar and sandalwood while sheer balsams and a hint of Madagascan vanilla support this opulent, captivating fragrance.

Includes essential oils for:

SENSUALITY  sandalwood, rose absolute, Madagascan vanilla
PASSION  rose maroc, rose absolute
STIMULATING  ylang ylang, cassia
CONFIDENCE  cedarwood, myrrh
REASSURANCE  geranium, petitgrain, bergamot

50 hours of exquisite light from 100% botanical wax, cotton wick and reuseable frosted glass tumbler, with silver embossed lid to snuff flame and protect wax between use

Individually hand-poured, nothing has been spared in the creation of our candles — the creamiest renewable botanical waxes, the purest cotton wicks and the most exquisite fragrances and essential oils. This means no black smoke, soot or harmful fumes. Simply beautiful illumination and scent.

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