Aroma Reeds - Intense Mandarin + Cactus Flower


Mandarin leaves and Bulgarian rose petals crushed silently underfoot as she stepped carefully past the towering cactus, its flowers blossoming open in their nightly ritual. The lavish silken drapes of the tented oasis drifted apart and a hint of sandalwood escaped, beckoning her.

Think exotic.  Intriguing.  Sultry nights and sidelong glances. Choose your fragrance journey and write your own story.  The INTENSE range is created with our customary proprietary blends of essential oils and fine fragrance, but with a smaller flacon and deeper intensity than our other ranges.

KEY SCENT NOTES:  mandarin, Bulgarian rose, cactus flower, orange blossom, sandalwood

200mL textured glass flacon, reeds from renewable timbers and fibres

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